Where to eat before prom

Ashley Masingale, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With prom just around the corner, students are scrambling to find a makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer and the perfect outfit. With all these things going on, it’s difficult to remember to secure a place to eat and even harder to find a place everyone will enjoy.

Staff Photo by Angelina Ramirez

Luckily, a compiled chart has been provided below with the essential information for a quality prom dinner: reservation availability, distance from the prom location, affordability and menu content. For a closer look, each restaurant’s website is attached.

Always consider how much you want to eat before you decide on any restaurant. Sushi might be the most suitable option, as it usually isn’t overly filling. Places like Hayashi and Mizu serve delicious sushi and are located near Wakefield. Read on for more suggestions.

Staff Photo by Angelina Ramirez

If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side (10-20 dollars per person), the best options include Red Bowl (Asian-fusion), Dante’s (Italian), Relish (Southern) or Sake House (Japanese/sushi). All four restaurants take reservations, and Relish even offers a gluten-free menu.

“I went to Sake House last year,” senior Emma McFarland said. “I liked that it was inexpensive and had good food; I would totally recommend it.”

Moderately expensive restaurants that offer a more dignified atmosphere include Café Capistrano (Mexican), Brio (Italian), and Sushi One (Asian-fusion/sushi). Cafe Capistrano has quesadillas the size of a pizza, so they’re great to share with a friend or date.

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“I work at Cafe Capistrano and I went to Sushi One last year,” senior Nate Richardson said. “Both places are fun, not uptight and the food comes out pretty fast.”

Vivace is also a great choice, according to senior Alanna Perrin.

“Italian food was perfect before prom,” Perrin said.

If you want the full-on fancy experience, Angus Barn (Steak/seafood), Saint Jacques (French) and Bloomsbury Bistro (French) are the places to look. Angus Barn and Saint Jacques have a written dress code: business casual. Although Bloomsbury Bistro does not have a dress code displayed on their menu, they describe themselves as “Raleigh’s finest.” Expect to feel right at home when entering these restaurants dressed in prom attire.

Staff Photo by Angelina Ramirez

Everyone is familiar with the struggles of finding and getting a group to agree on a place to dine, so hopefully, this helps in choosing the perfect pre-prom eatery.

For more information, take a look at the chart below.

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