Generation Z are the guinea pigs for the unknown side effects of juuling

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As a senior, it’s easy to see students everywhere reaching for a form of e-cigarettes called a Juul. There are many other forms of e-cigarettes like epuffer magnum, joyetech and Suoin Drop. The Juul product has become the most popular form of vaping among high school and even middle school students in the past three years. I’ve seen my close friends participate out of curiosity, while others have become addicted.

Juul pods contain the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Other chemicals include glycerol (used in bubbles, explosives, antifreeze and laxative), propylene glycol (plastics and perfumes) and benzoic acid (food preservation). All these chemicals are released into students lungs, and no one knows exactly how it is going to affect teens in the future.

Juul pods contain the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. ”

One thing we do know is nicotine’s effects on undeveloped brains, particularly the frontal cortex. According to Business Insider, people who use nicotine products during adolescence show poor results on tests with memory and attention. Seeing that the majority of people I know that vape have ADHD to begin with, Juuling is going to have crippling effects on their education.

Juuling for a lot of teens is not just about appearing cool. Some individuals use Juuls for anxiety.  While this may be true there are other methods for coping with anxiety that are proven safe, like getting prescribed a medication from a doctor. When used for mental health purposes, Juulers are at risk for side effects like wet lung. Wet lung is when the lungs can no longer exchange oxygen. An 18 year old girl had only been vaping for three weeks when she developed wet lung and had to go the hospital, if the habit is continued it can lead to lung damage.

The Juul was made for adult smokers with an intent to quit smoking. But after a year of the Juul product being on the market, people were noticing how the brand for Juul was geared more towards teens instead of adults. The advertisement pictures had younger models making the product more inviting to teens. The Juul company ran into problems because of that very reason, they were investigated for $15 billion for supposedly advertising to minors, says CNN Business.

The Juul company has made it so when someone visits the website they must confirm they are 21. If someone is underaged they get directed to a “Smoke Free Teens” website. Although Juul’s company is putting in new precautions to prevent minors from buying the product they have to continue these efforts to keep up with demand for the product.

I believe all teens who are curious about vaping should do their research beforehand. Making sure to understand the risks they are taking for a short reward. That research and understanding will pay off in the long run.

Your Turn:  Have you ever been tempted to Juul? If so was it out of curiosity or wanting to be cool?  How can we get students to understand that Juuling is not something they should be doing, or want to do?  Do you think Juuling is safe? Why or why not?

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