Senior, Allie Mariotte.

Allie Mariotte

These past four years of high school have been a journey. And throughout these few years, I have learned a lot about myself. My passion, what is important, and fears.

My advice to underclassmen is to try everything. A passion for art, sports, or journalism could be discovered so easily! I joined theatre my freshman year and it really clicked with me, so I put everything I had in it. I got the chance to direct middle and elementary schoolers in musical productions, and I loved it! There are so many opportunities provided here at Wakefield, so give interesting clubs and classes a chance! School will be so much more intriguing if one finds something to look forward to at school.

During my sophomore year, I found myself staying up very late to finish homework for my AP classes, and it didn’t help that I was not getting home until nine some nights. I was tired, stressed, and not eating very well. Halfway through sophomore year, I decided that at 10:30 PM I would put away my homework and go to sleep, and this helped me a lot! I got more sleep and had more energy for classes. Sometimes my homework wouldn’t get finished, but homework grades don’t count for much, so I still got all A’s and B’s. Getting a good night rest is more important than getting a 100 on a homework grade that only counts for 10 percent of the end grade.

I didn’t discover my fear until this year when college started to creep closer. I thought I was ready for college and the change that is coming. Which I am excited about, but I am fearful of the change. I am so comfortable with the friends I have made and the clubs I am a part of. I have built a life here over the past eighteen years and now I have to start all over, in a new town at a new school with completely different people.

High school has been an adventure! Through discovering my passion for theatre, finally receiving medals in gymnastics my senior year, and joining The Howler which has grown into a family over the past nine months. While I am scared of change, I do love an adventure and college might be the biggest adventure I have had yet. So college here I come.


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