The Senior’s Powderpuff winning streak remains


Staff Photo by Ashley Masingale

Two athletes celebrate their victory.

The women of Wakefield’s Senior class maintained their winning streak, allowing them to become one of the only grades to win both powderpuff games, two years in a row. Female athletes covered the field with their favorable endurance and sportsmanship, creating an atmosphere of energy which traveled throughout the stadium. The senior class would leave the game with a score of 28-7, confirming a historic victory; a triumph that was earned through adequate coaching, team planning, and the drive to win.

On either side, trying to coach a group of women that didn’t know the rules of football was quite difficult. Despite these odds, working with these women for Jeremiah Boronse, a running back coach for the junior class, was an enjoyable moment.

It was great because we have great chemistry, and most of the girls are fast and that is what’s most important for a running back,” Boronse said. “3/4 of them played track I believe, so that was a good help. It benefited.”

The junior class did lose the powderpuff game, but Boronse remains positive about the situation, continuing to be hopeful of the future.

“Every loss is a lesson. We are going to gather what we did from the loss and try to do better next time,” Boronse said. “[We are going to] try to keep it simple, not throw a lot at them, so they can memorize the play. I feel like if we do that, we would beat the [next] junior class.”

The junior coaches are taking the loss well, and look forward to the progress that can be made. As for the senior offensive lineman coach, Ben Kiernan, before the game, his confidence within his team ran high.

Staff Photo by Ashley Masingale
Senior, Gabby Donaldson takes a water break at the powder puff game.

“We knew what we had from last year, like Jada and Gabby, and all of the fast athletes, so we based it on a run game,” Kiernan said. “We threw some pass plays to trick them and everything, but we did not change [our plays]. We kept the same plays that we did last year.”

Prior to stepping foot on the field, Kiernan believed that the seniors would win the game, but still felt pressure to win because of the possibility of winning back to back.

“[The pressure] was [a part of the game] because we wanted to go 2-0. I am pretty sure only one other year has gone 2-0, so that was big for us to win, both games, and especially to win it by that much,” Kiernan said. “[We were anxious], a little bit, but we were pretty confident that we had it in the bag.”

Coaching is just one aspect of powderpuff. The female athletes who huddle before the game, charge after the ball and strip the other girls of their colored flags, make the other aspect.

The first time playing in a powderpuff game can be a whirlwind experience, and Kayla Holloway, a junior at Wakefield, was intimidated by the seniors, yet remained happy about her powderpuff debut.

“Playing against the seniors, they were bigger than I was,” Holloway said. “[I was] nervous, but I was really excited. I have been waiting to play [ever since freshman year].”

A contributing factor to the junior’s demise was their lack of preparation for the game. Holloway described the team’s outlook before the game, and hopes for next year to be different.

“I don’t even think we had a game plan. We were not as well-practiced as we thought we were. We just went out there and tried our best,” Holloway said. “[We need to] put people in positions that are their strong suits. Have more fast people on defense, and not all on offense, and stronger people in both places.”

Each individual on the field gave it their all, and a win wouldn’t be possible without a collective effort. The seniors, along with their coaches, felt pride in the talent that led the team to victory, and with the aid of Peris Pavlinac, senior quarterback, a win seemed definite.

“We were more confident that we were going to win this year,” Pavlinac said.

“We wanted to win two years in a row and be the first team to do that ever.”

— Pavlinac

The seniors entered their final year of high school–champions of powderpuff–but for Pavlinac, the win didn’t surmount to the excitement of their achievement. In the midst of it all, a win is a moment to remember.

“It wasn’t as satisfying as I thought because we beat them by so much, but it is always fun to win,” Pavlinac said.