Wakefield men’s lacrosse plans for a deep run in the playoffs

Wakefield's defense remains strong, defending the goal from Heritage.

Staff Photo by Yasmin Rosa

Wakefield’s defense remains strong, defending the goal from Heritage.

Wakefield’s men’s lacrosse team starts the season with three wins and zero losses. The team has been conditioning and preparing since the fall and are finally ready to bring their skills to the field.

“We have been working really hard during practice and watching a lot of film to help prepare our team,” Junior captain Kevin Ritter said. “We have spent a lot of time working on the different plays and conditioning for large amounts of time during practice.”

Although many seniors left the team last year, the players, fans, and coaches still believe that this year’s team will be strong and successful. Thanks to a strong coaching staff, the lacrosse team plans on starting and finishing their season successfully.

Staff Photo by Yasmin Rosa
Sophomore, Connor Santos shoots a goal, ending the first quarter.

“Our coaches want us to win just as bad as we do,” senior captain Ben Luther said. “They push us in practice and makes sure all [of] our game plans are in check. They prepare us for the regular season, but also a deep run in the playoffs.”

Even though the season has only just begun, Wakefield lacrosse has the potential and skill to take it all the way. The lacrosse team’s four, strong captains aim to lead the team into a successful season, hopefully with a perfect record. According to some fans, they have the capability to make it to the state playoffs. The team shares the common goal of winning conference champions and possibly winning the state championship.

“I hate losing,” said Luther. “I am new to lacrosse, but as a captain [I] can bring the energy to this team that we need to win. We have a lot of young talent and my job is to lead the team in the right direction.”

Staff Photo by Yasmin Rosa
Captain, Connor Pirrung passes the ball to junior, Kevin Ritter to set up a play.

With the guidance and proper training from a solid coaching staff, the goal of winning conference champions seems to be within reach.

“I plan to lead my team to a successful season through discipline, conditioning and hard work,” Head Coach Derin Vacca said. “After a bad practice or game, I like to point out all the great things and not so great things they did. Then we go over all the weak points and figure out ways we can make them better.”

Staff Photo by Yasmin Rosa
Wakefield’s defense puts up their guard to keep the ball away from the goal.

Having an experienced and skillful coaching staff makes playing the game look so much easier. Coach Derin Vacca and Ryan Cummings, have been conditioning and getting their team ready to be the best of the best. Having workouts months before the season even started gave the players and coaches time to work alongside each other to strengthen the chemistry of the team.

“Over the months, our team has grown closer together,” said senior Justin DeCooman. “I really think we have a chance of going all the way to the state playoffs.”