Clubs participate in the gift of giving back this holiday season


Staff Photo by Jake Whitehead

Senior, Macy Bonnet poses with the donations she collected for Beta Club’s Christmas drive.

Several clubs and honor societies are becoming increasingly involved in a variety of drives that give to charities, which will benefit an immense amount of people during the holiday season. The holidays never fail to bring out the good in people, which is an understatement for the amount of donating that students are doing this year to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The National Science Honor Society has been involved in several drives this year, one being the Cans for the Cause charity, which it has been a part of for the past five years. There is also another drive that NSHS has participated in this year in cooperation with the National Honor Society and the National Art Honor Society, the Help for the Homeless charity, proving to be an enormous success so far this year.

“I had a cart that was overflowing, we had almost twenty blankets and hand warmers and everything else,“ NSHS advisor Laura Stiles said. “

We really ended up helping out a lot of people with these two drives

— Stiles


Another club that has become greatly involved in having members donate to charity is the Beta Club, which is putting on two different drives this year compared to previous years. Beta Club will be doing a food drive and a Toys for Tots drive.

Staff Photo by Jake Whitehead
Students donate canned food to a Christmas food drive.

Since Beta Club has such a vast amount of members, it will be very beneficial in ensuring there are many donations made. It is very uplifting for Wakefield to take pride in all of the unselfish activities that it has been taking part in recently and will continue to throughout the holidays.

“Last year for Family Career and Community Leaders of America we did school supplies for children in Honduras,” senior Beta Club president Macy Bonnett said. “We had a lady take it over to Honduras and she made a video of them receiving it.”

Bonnett has taken it upon herself this year to initiate the Beta club involvement in these drives, and she has also been a part of other club involvements such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes and FCCLA which is doing a canned food drive and a clothing collection drive.

“The fact that so many people are willing to donate their money and food to help people is a big relief off of people’s shoulders,” Bonnett said.

Donating not only serves as a good feeling to give back during the holidays, but also a means for club members to gain service credits, punches, or points that are required to maintain membership.

“Offering donation opportunities is a great way for members to get the credits that they need and for people who need clothes and food during the holidays,” senior National Science Honor Society officer Olivia Tseng said.

The reputation of National Honor Society has not been let down this year with all of the clothing donations that are being given to charity to help out those who may be less fortunate than others.

“We do quite a bit and I’m very proud of my officers and everyone else in the club,” Beta Club advisor Amanda Unklesbay said.