NC State sponsors life changing event

Morgan DeHart

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Staff Photo by Ann Chen

Agriculture is only one of the possibilities for students interested in NC State’s College of Natural Resources.


Most students look at NC State’s Environment Exploration Day as a day just about farming and the farming sciences. This informative exploration day is so much more than that. Taking place on March 25, 2017 at the Jordan Hall Addition located on the NC State campus, the College of Natural Resources will be showcasing all their different events and opportunities. Students who are interested in environmental science and agriculture are encouraged to visit this day and learn more information. However, any student is welcome to attend to see all that this program has to offer.

Junior Catherine Pickle, expressed her gratitude and excitement about this event prior to attending.

“I’m excited to go to this event because I’m interested in saving our resources and our community,” Pickle said. “ I would love to learn more about this event and what NC state has to offer.”

There are various activities that take place at the NCSU Environment Exploration day.

“It’s all about going there to pursue future careers in the area of agricultural science,” junior Josh Slocum said. “It is also a great event to see all the different scholarship programs that are associated with those areas of NC State.”

This day is supposed to inspire and inform students that there is more to NC State’s College of Natural Resources than just agriculture and farming.

“One of the things that the NC State College of Agricultural Science is hoping to do is expose all the different opportunities and programs that they have in their college,” Career Counselor Sarah Joyner said. “Sometimes students look at their college [NC State]  and think this program is only for farmers, but of course that isn’t the case.”

Some events in the program include learning about different things within environmental science like plant or material sciences.

“We have a lot of opportunities to get involved with environmental things,” Joyner said. “Things like plant science and material sciences. There is a lot of different directions that you can go and that’s the idea of this day.”

NC State Exploration Day is an opportunity for anyone interested in environmental science or anyone who doesn’t know what they want to do in the future.

“It’s a good opportunity because if you are interested in environmental science or if you are interested in college in general,” Slocum said. “Students will also be able to talk to other people in the program and get feedback and what it is like to be in the program.”

This is an opportunity to address some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges and securing a healthier, more sustainable world. By visiting this event, students will learn the different classes they can take to help them understand how to better the world and the environment. These different classes will teach students key values classes associated with science, technolog, and engineering.

Students of all talents and interests in Environment Science are excited to go to this event and learn more about the program. Some environmental majors include Environmental Consultant and Lawyer, Ecosystem Restoration Manager Naturalist and Park Ranger or even Engineer. The NC State Environmental Exploration Day is the perfect information seminar for students who wish to search for potential careers.

“I really want to go and experience the NC State Environment Exploration Day,” Slocum said.“I am so excited to learn about the different activities that NC State has to offer in their College of Natural Resources.”