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Sexual assault allegations infiltrate Washington

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Roy Moore, a Republican in the Alabama Senatorial race, faces sexual assault allegations from more than five women but remains as the Republican candidate.

Since the explosive Weinstein sexual assault allegations, the media has been flooded with handfuls of other accusations against men in Hollywood, but it wasn’t until this week that these sexual assault allegations infiltrated Washington. Roy Moore, a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is now running for a state Senate position with five sexual assault allegations against him. The allegations against Moore range from women who were fourteen-years-old to sixteen-years-old at the time of the alleged assaults, mere minors who were preyed on by an adult man twice their age. With these incriminating allegations from more than five women, many Republicans have come forward and said that Moore should drop out of the Senatorial race in order to save face, including Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate majority.

Since the initial allegations, detailed in an extensive report by The Washington Post, Moore has denied ever meeting Leigh Corfman, who was fourteen-years-old at the time she alleges that Moore, who was then thirty-two-years-old, assaulted her.  According to CNN, Moore said that “Allegations of sexual misconduct with her (Corfman) are completely false. I believe they are politically motivated. I believe they are brought only to stop a very successful campaign, and that’s what they’re doing.” Although Moore says that these sexual assault allegations are surfacing due to his Senatorial campaign, there is no evidence that any of the women who have brought up sexual assault allegations against him have contributed to his opposing candidate, Democrat Doug Jones.

With the sheer amount of sexual assault allegations in the media, the exposure that sexual assault is receiving highlights the fact that rape and sexual assault are two of the most underreported crimes in the United States, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. This issue is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in both the United States’ entertainment industry and political arena. Roy Moore, and the many men just like him, are setting a terrible example for the young men in the United States. If Moore wins, it shows citizens all over the country that sexual assault allegations are virtually meaningless to an election–even if many political leaders have spoken out against them. America has already made its decision in regards to powerful men taking advantage of young women by electing Donald Trump as president although he has more than fifteen sexual misconduct accusations and at least three ongoing lawsuits.

At this time, Americans need to remember that actions speak louder than words and that people who have been charged with sexual assault need to suffer the repercussions of their crime no matter who they are instead of just being told that it is a horrible thing to do.”

Following the plethora of sexual assault scandals in Hollywood, it is disconcerting that this behavior has been seen from politicians, individuals that American citizens should be able to trust and look up to for guidance and representation. The amount of women, and men, who have come forward in the past few months has been both encouraging and terrifying. Their courage shows America, and the world, that sexual assault is a deep-seated issue that has been going unnoticed and unreported for decades. It also sets an incredible example to others who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault that they are not alone and that they are able to come forward if or when they feel comfortable.

YOUR TURN: How do these sexual assault allegations make you feel about our political leaders? How do you think that this should be dealt with in Washington?

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Sexual assault allegations infiltrate Washington