Emmy Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Colbert

Ryanne Howard

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Ryanne Howard
June 4, 2019

Stranger Things, This is Us, and Saturday Night Live along with other amazing television shows and actors are getting the recognition they deserve at this year’s Emmys. On September 17, 2017, CBS  aired the sixty-ninth Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The Emmys is a great tradition celebrating the television’s best shows. The awards are chosen by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

“Next time the world’s problems make you feel the blues, turn on any channel, we’ll accept the news” Stephen Colbert sang in opening performance. “Troubles aren’t so troubling when you see them in HD. The world is always better on TV.”

Comedian Stephen Colbert had the honor of hosting and gave an electrifying opening performance, singing that everything is better on TV in a fully choreographed act.

Although the Emmys are supposed to celebrate and honor the best on television, the popular show Game of Thrones was not allowed to be a contestant for any awards this year. The fan-favorite fantasy premiered its seventh season after the qualification date to be considered for any nominations. The drama had a large sweep of awards in last years’ Emmy Awards, winning twelve titles. The change of winners was a likable surprise than in the year before when Game of Thrones dominated the whole award show. The outcome of Academy’s decision brought more variety of shows including different races, genders, and nationalities eligible of being nominated.

“For the third year in a row this is the most diverse nominees in Emmy history,” Colbert said as he addressed the black actor and actresses in the audience. “There are so many talented African American nominees: Jeffrey Wright, Viola Davis, Samira Wiley, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Anderson.”

Many celebrities’ acceptance speeches contained inspiring messages. Some called for unity in politics while some took this opportunity to make jokes about President Trump’s behavior. Women in the television business called for their fellow women to stand with each other to show their worth. Stars also showed support for the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas by recognizing the victims’ struggles, creating a call to action asking people to donate to hurricane relief.

“I want to thank Trump for making Black people number one on the most oppressed list,” Glover said during his acceptance speech. “He’s the reason I’m probably up here.”

Glover acknowledges how the Awards Academy has seen a backlash from many African American actors and actresses for not showing recognition to shows that featured African American culture.  

Reese Witherspoon used her voice on the stage to share her interest in sharing women’s stories. She aspires to see more women in television having shows that express their standpoint in life.

“It’s been an incredible year for women in television,” Witherspoon said. “Bring women to the front of their own stories, make them the hero in their own stories.”

Although there were some controversies raised like the HBO hack, President Trump’s political values, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons buildup, throughout the program the show was a fun and enthusiastic way to recognize the viewer’s favorite actors and actresses. Next year’s awards show will be interesting to see how the Academy will try to outdo themselves to have another successful year and captivate the audience.