High school has the potential to change your life


Staff Photo by Morgan DeHart

Seniors with posters in hand show Wolverine pride.

High school is full of life-changing events.  Each and every student comes away from it with a unique story to tell in their later years.

Students can be in for a wild ride when starting high school and before they know it, they are already walking across that stage to receive that folded certificate, signifying that they have successfully completed their four-year adventure.  

High school is a crucial part of everyone’s life.  The friendships and overall experiences in high school have the potential to change your life entirely.  It could be something as small as a favorite activity you enjoy in gym class or something as big as making new life-changing friends that help you through the tough times in life.  Either way, high school is definitely an important part of growing up, and the experiences students have along the way can in some ways affect the rest of their lives.

Now that it is time to move on, students have a chance to reflect their high school years, full of stories that they are either proud of, or not so proud of.  Senior Tim Cannizzaro for example, had amazing stories to tell about the high school football games he attended throughout his high school years.  

“I love how hype the students would get before and during the games,””

— Cannizzaro

Cannizzaro said.  “Everyone came together to cheer for the team.  One night in particular that stuck out to me the most was the pink-out game where my friends and I went all out with face paint, pink shirts, and one of my friends even wore a unicorn onesie.  It was just a great time in general”

Senior Nasia Henry has had some of her favorite high school experiences in her own gym class.  Sometimes all it takes is one class to change your whole perspective on high school.  Specifically for Henry, she enjoys the opportunity to get exercise and have fun at the same time.

“There is more to physical education than just pushups and sit-ups,” Henry said.  “We were able to take a break from that and loosen up and have fun.  Bowling was one of my favorite activities we participated in class because we drove on the bus to an actual bowling alley and I got the chance to show off my skills and build strength in my arms rolling the ball down the lane.”

High school experiences can even change a student’s life.  Senior Antonio Patterson had made friends all throughout high school that he considers his family.  He believes these relationships have changed him for the better and he wouldn’t do anything in the world to change that.  

“My favorite part about high school was meeting my brothers.” Patterson said.  “I could never switch up on then because they taught me so much that got me through a lot over the past four years.”

Teachers especially have a significant impact on the lives of their students.  Senior Diana Olmos admires the way her teachers teach and help out their students whenever they can.

“They show a strong passion for their job,” Olmos said.  “They are determined to help their students and they’re super caring.  I love them.”