Songs to drift into fall

Fal playlist
Fall songs range in genre, style, and artist.  Although they might not be about autumn, these tracks are perfect to listen to on chilly fall days, whether to put you in the mood of fall or lift your spirits.  Each song on the playlist is meant to appeal to your emotions and inner music lover encompassing a variety of genres, artists, and stories, so each one is unique to the listener.  

This playlist is a continuation of The Howler’s playlists, which can be found on our Spotify.  Each song tells a different story, from love to loss to life, in order to appeal to different audiences and reinstate the feeling of warmth and coziness on a chilly fall day.

1.All Comes Down/ Kodaline

“But I know in my heart I can never go back/ To the way that we were on that runaway


2. All I Want/ Kodaline

“So you brought out the best in me/ A part of me I’ve never seen/ You took my soul and wiped it clean/ our love was made for movie screens.”

3. Angela/ The Lumineers

“Strangers in this town/ They raise you up just to cut you down.”

4. Blessings/ Chance the Rapper

“I don’t make songs for free/ I make ‘em for freedom.”

5. Cleopatra/ The Lumineers

“But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life.”

6. Coffee Brown Curls/ Jake Mirador

“I wanna sit and fall in love with you/ Put on music that sounds like rain.”

7. Goner/ Twenty One Pilots

“I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath/ I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath/ I want to be known by you/ I want to be known by you.”

8. Greek Tragedy/ The Wombats

“So free up the cheaper seats/ Here comes the Greek tragedy.”

9. Foreigner’s God/ Hozier

“She moved with shameless wonder/ The perfect creature rarely seen.”

10. Guillotine/ Jon Bellion ft. Travis Mendes

“You fill me up, you fill me up/ You set my soul ablaze.”

11. I Was Me/ Imagine Dragons

“Give me strength to fight/ Help me feel alive again/ Make me whole inside/ Instead, this hole inside is killing me/ Oh, I’m begging you.”

12. Morocco/ Moon Taxi

“Running in circles I was losing my mind/ When you found me you led me to the water just in time.”

13. Oh Ms. Believer/ Twenty One Pilots

“Oh, Ms. Believer, my pretty sleeper/ Your twisted mind is like snow on the road.”

14. Rivers and Roads/ The Head and the Heart

“Been talkin’ ‘bout the way things change.”

15. Retrograde/ James Blake

“I’ll wait, so show me why you’re strong.”

16. Sofa/ Ed Sheeran

“We can go where you want/ Say the word and I’ll take ya/ But I’d rather stay on the sofa/ On the sofa with you.

17. The One/ Kodaline

“You make my whole word so right when it’s wrong/ That’s how I know that you are the one.”

18. Way Down We Go/ Kaleo

“Father tell me, we get what we deserve/ Oh we get what we deserve.”

19. Work Song/ Hozier

“Cause my baby’s sweet as can be / She’d give me toothaches just from kissing me.”

2o. XO/ John Mayer

“Your love is bright as ever/ Even in the shadows.”