Upscale makeup review

Makeup is a way to express yourself artistically, as opposed to the alter of painting or drawing.  To some people, one’s face is a blank canvas and makeup is the paint that you can use to enhance one’s natural beauty. Just like with paints, there are different types of makeup some being better quality than others.

Sometimes, too much money can be spent on drugstore makeup that doesn’t enhance your natural features. Instead of wasting money on products that don’t produce the results that you want, I’d recommend buying more expensive makeup that will give you better results. These products are bought at boutiques and online, so experts can help match the makeup to your skin tones and teach you how to apply them. Sometimes, a posher brand will yield more product and a more expert finish.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Original Contour Kit, $40: This comes with six powders: three highlighters and three contours.  There are three different kits offered for different skin tones: tan to deep, light to medium, and medium to tan.  I purchased the light to medium kit and it comes with highlighting powders in the shades of Vanilla, Banana, Sand and contouring powders in Java, Fawn and Havana.  The kit produces great results and enhances, sculpts and defines your natural features, giving you anything from higher cheekbones to a small forehead if used correctly.  However, sometimes the powders do not appear in certain lights and it can be easily wiped off during wear.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, $40: The kit comes with four powders and is offered in two different kits: That Glow and Gleam.  I got That Glow because the colors are for a warmer skin tone and can make you look suntanned.  That Glow comes with colors in Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold.  The Glow kits give you a shimmering appearance and it will draw attention to certain aspects of your face.  The kit is powder, so it offers a lighter, daytime look, but it can be layered to achieve a night look.  However, if too much is applied, your face can look excessively shiny and greasy.  

The Morphe 350 Nature Glow eyeshadow palette, $22.99:  The palette comes with thirty-five natural, warm eyeshadow colors.  All of the colors are earthy tones with browns, tans, pinks and bronzes, so they can be worn everyday.  The colors range from solid base colors to sparkly outer layers.  The shadow lasts all day with a primer and it will wash off easily with an eye makeup remover.  Morphe has created a wonderful palette that encompasses many different colors that look amazing on any skin tone. However, it is so sought after that it is usually sold out on the Morphe website.

The Tarteist Clay Paint Liner, by Tarte, $24, a waterproof cream eyeliner that comes with a eyeliner brush.  The brush is angled so you can easily apply the liner, and the liner has a smooth application.  Tarte made application easier to use the liner by including a smooth blending stage that resembles an artist pallet, so you can choose how much product you put on your brush.

The products aren’t cheap, and it shows in the way that the makeup makes you look. Although these products are more expensive than usual drugstore makeup, the quality makes the purchase worth it.  Each of these products enhances your natural features and aid in the art of makeup.