Inventive crafts to get you in the fall spirit


Fall is a great time of year to get creative and artistic. Here are some fall inspired crafts to foster the amazing feeling this season can bring.

Nara Hamburger, Staff Writer

With fall in full swing, the cool weather and the colored leaves cause many to be in a creative mood. A great way to embrace the fall season is to create crafts. 

Consider a new take on pumpkin carvings if you are looking for a simple craft to jazz up your space. While carving a pumpkin is a traditional fall craft, it can be exceptionally messy. Instead of spilling pumpkin seeds on the counter, lay down a newspaper and grab your paint. 

First, make sure your pumpkin is clean and dry. After that, there isn’t much to it. Choose your design and begin to trace it out. Once the design is on the pumpkin, you can begin to paint. If you are creating a more intricate design, make sure to leave time in between to dry. 

If painting is not your strong suit, don’t worry. Instead, try pom-pom pumpkins. For this craft, you will need a pair of scissors, yarn, felt, a twig and wire cutters. Using the wire cutters, cut the twig. This will be used as the stem of your pumpkin. Next, you will have to create the pom-pom. Once this is done, hot glue the twig to the pom-pom. The last step is to create and attach the leaf. Using the felt, cut out the shape of a leaf and then hot glue it to your pumpkin. 

Fall crafts don’t have to be intricate, but they are a great way to add character and fall spirit to your home. Try these crafts out and see how simple it is!