Top 5 shoes for the fall season

One article of clothing that changes year-round is shoes. During the warmer seasons, people tend to gravitate towards classic sandals or breathable sneakers. In winter, it’s all about fur-lined shoes and heavy layers of socks. But what do we wear during the fall? It’s either too warm for an insulated boot, or too cold for Birkenstock sandals.

Autumn is one of the best times for people to broaden their horizons when it comes to fashion, particularly footwear. The introduction of cooler weather can allow one to dabble in an assortment of shoes, all while wearing a similar style of shoes they may have worn during the summer and spring.

In preparation for the cooler weather, brands like Nike, Doc Martens and Ugg–along with others–recently came out with their new fall lines. In no particular order, I have prepared a list of the top five shoes for the 2022 fall season.

Doc Martens 2976 Faux Fur Lined Platform Chelsea Boots

For a quick, slip-on shoe, the Doc Martens Fur Lined Platform Chelsea Boots are the perfect way to go. These boots can match any outfit of your choice. The matte leather allows a causal yet sleek look to them, while the platform elevates the style altogether. For the icy mornings up ahead, the Chelsea Boots provide faux fur-lined insulation to fight off the cold weather from slipping through the boot.

Chuck 70 Converse

One of my favorite styles of Converse of all time is the Chuck 70s. Despite the Chuck 70s only being out for 9 years, the style of Converse can match any type of season. The Chuck 70 has two eyelets on the inside of the shoe which allows for breathability. This shoe provides a wider toebox, which is perfect for those who want to wear their fall shoes with thicker socks. This shoe altogether can make a lazy outfit look put together with its raised look. With 16 colors and a custom, “Make Your Own,” Converse allows you to choose which Chuck 70 will look best with your upcoming fall wardrobe.

Ugg Tasman Slipper

For years, the classic autumn weather shoe has always been Uggs. People have been styling Uggs throughout all seasons, and it is time someone has chosen the best Ugg shoe for this 2022 fall season. The Ugg Tasman Slipper is a wonderful option, as it has many components that make the shoe a staple in a person’s closet. For one thing, the shoe is an easy slip-on for those quick errands or lazy days. While one might think that these would slip off easily, the threaded ankle hugs the foot and stops the shoe from slipping. The inside of the shoe is fur-lined and is perfect for cooler weather. I believe that these shoes are a must-have, as they can be dressed up and dressed down.

Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT Fossil Stone

With a snug fit and a colorful sole, the Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT provides an excellent sporty look, all while matching the neutral fall tones the season tends to bring. This shoe delivers a lightweight feel with low-profile cushioning that improves the wearability of the shoe. The Cmft has a duo of two colors: a light wash of brick red, and a light shade of tan throughout the shoe. Air Jordans have yet to disappoint, and with this new style of Jordans, I can say that this shoe is a staple for the fall season.

Nike Air Max 90 G Grey Fog

The Nike Air Max 90s has always been a hit or miss for me when it comes to the appearance of the shoe. I had never liked the curvature of the rubber sole and heels, but when I had seen this sneaker on the Nike website, I couldn’t resist. The Air Max 90 G in the color “Grey Fog” is perfect for the cooler tones this season is going to bring. For those who need a durable sneaker, this shoe is immaculate. The cool grey base the sneaker has gives a neutral style to the shoe that can match anything. This style of Air Max 90 has additions of a hazy green color which adds to the elevated look of the shoe. The Nike Air Max 90 G has a 1-year waterproof warranty, which is perfect for the rainy weather that is about to come. The shoe also has a grippy sole that can apply to all surfaces. If you’re one to wear sneakers typically, this shoe is the perfect match for this fall season.

I, along with many, am extremely excited about the autumn weather that is about to come. Whether your style is casual, sporty, put together, or comfortable, these top five shoes are a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a new fall shoe.