Wakefield Wackos motivate athletes


Staff Photo by Maya Schindler

Wakefield Wackos cheer on varsity football at their home game against Northern Durham. A few of them showed up early for a festive tailgate in the student parking lot.

Kendall Wilson and Nara Hamburger

The Wakefield Wackos have been cheering from the stands since the beginning; throughout the years, they’ve helped athletes of all sports perform to the best of their abilities. From coming up with engaging themes to screaming their lungs out on the bleachers, they’re sure to never disappoint Wakefield’s star players. 

The Wackos are first and foremost a family, as they always brainstorm exciting ideas for their events together. Page Strickland, a senior, and head Wacko has been cheering from the bleachers since the beginning. 

“All of us together come up with the themes,” Strickland said. “We try to keep it somewhat traditional.”

After the hard work of coming up with themes for all of the games, the Wackos get to enjoy cheering with the rest of the student body. Harley Ransom, senior and head Wacko, explains why these events are a thrill for him.

“We go to the events to support the teams that are playing, and we try to get everybody involved with stuff around the school,” Ransom said. “I enjoy getting out and spending time with my friends by going to the events and cheering on people that I know.”

Although the Wackos are all about having fun, helping to uplift the athletes is another aspect. These efforts are appreciated by many athletes. Junior, Lily Slaymaker, a middle on the volleyball team, enjoys the company of the Wackos. 

“It’s nice that there’s a solid group of people that come to the games because volleyball is kind of an underrated sport,” Slaymaker said. “It’s nice to have supporters that always come and bring up the intensity.” 

The Wakos make sure to attend all of the different games, but the most prominent sport they take part in is football. Each Friday, Wackos show up to the Friday Night Lights games to show their support. 

It’s nice that there’s a solid group of people that come to the games because volleyball is kind of an underrated sport.

— Slaymaker

Senior and cornerback, Jordan Members, acknowledges the continual support that the Wackos give, no matter how the score looks.

“Anytime there is a bad call or anytime someone messes up, they still encourage, they don’t boo,” Members said. “They’re always at every game regardless of [a] win or loss.”

The Wackos consistently bring an uplifting spirit to all the games they attend. While the score might not always be the best outcome, everyone is sure to have a good time.

“I would say we definitely help [the team],” Strickland said. “I know, especially from my friends who are on the football team, looking back and seeing your best friends chanting for you and everyone rooting for you is definitely a booster in the game.”