Chihuahua sets record for world’s longest-living dog


Staff Graphic by Kendall Wilson

A local Floridian chihuahua has turned 21, setting a new record for dogs everywhere.

Guinness World Records has officially confirmed a new record that fills dog-lovers everywhere with joy. A chihuahua living in Greenacres, Florida has become the world’s longest-living dog; living to be 21 years and 127 days old, as of May 16th, 2022. This translates to 147 in dog years. 

This pup’s name is TobyKeith, proudly owned by animal-lover Gisela Shore. Shore remembers the day she adopted TobyKeith from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue in West Palm Beach, Florida. She adopted him from an elderly couple who could not take care of him any longer. However, none of them knew what milestones TobyKeith would go on to achieve.

TobyKeith enjoys spending time with Shore’s 28-year old cockatoo and napping. He also goes for a walk and eats a slice of turkey every day. In order to celebrate this amazing milestone, Shore made sure to treat him to a bath, a nail trimming, and a nice car ride.

Even though TobyKeith has stuck around for so many years, he does have a heart condition. However, Shore reassures this condition does not bother him much, so he can continue enjoying his life to the fullest. She also advises others to pertain a healthy diet and a loving home for their pets to live longer lives.

This little chihuahua has become a big inspiration to dog families all over the world. We hope that TobyKeith has many more years ahead of him, and wish him the best on all of his upcoming adventures.