Batter up!

Wakefield’s baseball team reflects on season


Photo Courtesy of Wakefield Baseball's Instagram (@wakefield_bsbl)

Players on the Baseball team discuss the game plan.

Every year, Wakefield baseball changes. New players, new talent, new opportunities to grow. This year, the team is equipped with some of the best players seen to date. Many of the players on the varsity team aspire to play baseball in college, and their coaches are dedicated to helping them get there.

Brennan Davis is a junior on the team and has been playing for 12 seasons. He frequently plays in the outfield, and although he has been in and out of playing due to injuries, he hasn’t let these obstacles stop him from working hard.

“[This team] is one of those things where you come there to have fun, but it can get pretty intense,” Davis said.

The practices held frequently throughout the week consist of individual drills, scrimmages, and hitting practice. The team has to keep their skills sharp due to the high number of games they play every week. Consistency, dedication, and athleticism are key factors when it comes to optimal performance on the diamond.

Trevor Schock, the coach, describes what practice for the team is like and how it helps them out playing.

“We want to make sure that everyone is healthy,̈ Schock said. “We need them to get a lot of game-like reps so they’re ready for game day.” By practicing potential game scenarios, they are better equipped for when the time comes to take to the diamond.

Our chemistry makes us very connected especially for this year.

— Cooper

Kyle Shields, the manager of the baseball team, describes what he hopes to achieve with the practices for this year.

¨A big thing we really tried to work on for this year is having a better place and trying to get as many reps as possible for the kids,¨ Shields said. Repetition is key in maintaining optimal performance in the basics.

Holden Cooper, a senior who is an infielder for the team describes his favorite aspect of the team.

“Our chemistry makes us very connected especially for this year,” Cooper said, “It really helped us win some big games.”

The team is expected to keep up their grades and show up to games and practices. The players enjoy the structure the team brings them while also letting them do what they love. Everyone on the team has a strong bond with each other, which benefits their performance and ability to work together.

Elijah Fernandez, a sophomore catcher, first baseman, and outfielder is elated to be a part of the team. Although he sometimes has to fight for playing time, he enjoys the motivation this brings. Fernandez is hoping to play baseball in college, as are many of the players. Playing in high school often sets players up for the more rigorous college academic schedule, while also giving them the skills needed to impress on the field.

“My favorite part of Wakefield baseball is mainly the coaching and the environment,” Fernandez said. “After a long day of school, it’s always fun to walk down to the field and play baseball with my friends.”