Wakefield High School’s softball team makes history this season

Nic Cazin and Max Rubino

The Wakefield High School softball team is making history this spring sport season. For the first time since 2015, the WHS softball team has beaten their rivals, Wake Forest High School, two times. Currently, the team is 13 to three and is on track to go to the conference championship. 

Robyn Stanek is a former softball player and the Assistant Coach of the team.

“The coach and I work together to create the best line-up and make the best decisions we can to just make the team the most successful we can,” Stanek said. “As an overall percentage we’ve been doing really well [this season]. We are in the fight for conference champions so I’m really excited to see how we do.”

This year, the team has a large number of sophomores and freshmen, which brings new talent and energy to the team. Sydney Brock is one of the sophomores on the team. She’s been playing softball for eight years.

“We’ve been challenged this year [because] there has been a lot of competition from the other teams but I think we’ve done really well,” Brock said. “Last year we didn’t communicate as well, [but] we’ve been better about that this year.

We are in the fight for conference champions so I’m really excited to see how we do.

— Stanek

Communication is a large part of softball, and you can definitely see the work the team has put in. Along with communication, the team has become closer this past season. Kiersten Cox, a junior on the team, brings some insight into how bonding has helped them grow stronger. 

“Everybody has really molded together, especially because we do team bonding,” Cox said. “We’ve learned what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are so I think that’s why we play better now.”

Behind every successful team is a well-versed coach, and WHS’s team certainly has one. Danny Inscoe is the head coach for the softball team at the high school. He has been coaching softball for 17 years, and has a softball in his office for each season. He’s excited to be a part of this historic moment for the softball team. 

“We have the opportunity to do something that’s never been done [at Wakefield],” Inscoe said. “It’d be big for our program [to win] because it’s big for [up and coming players] to see what we can accomplish.”

As of April 25, 2022, the softball team is at an 13-3 win to loss ratio, and 7-1 for the conference. The team is definitely making history this season, no matter the outcome of the conference. 

“The other teams take things so seriously sometimes, which we do in practice and the games,” Brock said. “But you also need to have fun, enjoy the games you are playing and create those bonds.”