Continuing an undefeated season, the rebirth of wrestling


Photo courtesy of Bogdan Onuha

A Wakefield wrestler is in the middle of a match with his opponent, focused on obtaining victory.

Kaylee Jacobs and Allie Chiu

Wakefield’s Men’s Wrestling team has been unbeatable not only this season but last season as well. They have won the NAC VI Conference two years in a row, which means they have been undefeated against the rest of the teams in their conference. Russell Williams has been coaching the wrestling team for about six years now. 

“We are conference champions, we made state playoff, we made the second round of state playoffs,” said Williams. “Our dual recond is 18-3.”

Our team has many strong players this season including Kobe Masingale, Zach Russo, Harley Ransom, Win Taylor, Connor Dorsett, Frankie Nahilla and Kennedy Nelson, which is ranked six in the state. 

“Frankie has been wrestling up two weight classes most of the season,” said Williams, “he’s wrestling people 25 pounds heavier than him.” 

The team has been coping with the struggles of Covid throughout the last two seasons, including cancellations and rescheduling. 

“It has been rough but we have used the extra days to train harder,” said Connor Dorset, senior.

A member of the wrestling team kneels, ready to begin the match. (Photo courtesy of Bogdan Onuha )

In addition to cancellations, the team has also had to adjust to injuries throughout the season. Some common injuries were skin disease, dislocated and sprained joints.

“We have had several injuries and illness absences, but as a team, we have shifted the lineup and people have stepped up to help us win,” said Frankie Nahilla, junior. 

Our team’s future has been hard to predict, high school wrestling has continued though many colleges are losing their wrestling programs

“Wresting is dying at the collegiate level. That’s one of the reasons we as coaches at the high school level are pushing women’s wrestling because that brings rebirth to the sport,” said Williams. “We were only reaching half the population and almost every other sport you can reach everyone.”

Though none of the seniors this year have future plans for their wrestling careers, they still have hope for their teammates. 

“The team is always improving. I’m sure someone will go to college for wrestling in the future,” said Jackson Froh, senior. 

In spite of all the obstacles the team has faced, their record shows that they have put in the work and they should be proud of their accomplishments this season.