Teen builds free wheelchairs for disabled animals


Photo Courtesy of Wheelies Dog and Cat Wheelchairs

A disabled dog learns how to walk around in its new wheelchair.

Kendall Wilson, Staff Writer

A teen girl from Champlin, Minnesota has made it her mission to provide mobility for disabled animals with her free wheelchairs. Her huge passion for animals has made a tremendous difference, saving animals that may otherwise have been put down.

Shaine Kilyun, an 11th grader at Champlin Park High School has launched Wheelies Dog and Cat Wheelchairs, and made around 10 wheelchairs for specially-abled pets in her free time. So far, she has helped better the lives of dogs, cats, a hedgehog, and soon a duck.

Kilyun also helps out the owners by only charging for the cost of her materials. This saves them a lot of money, as owners can pay around 300 dollars for one of her creations instead of paying around 1,000 dollars for a similar product. Kilyun raises all of the money for these chairs herself, so many grateful customers have donated to her to help her keep up the good work. 

Kilyun has made an effort to include shelter pets as well. She wants to stop these animals from being deemed unadoptable. She works with the Home For Life Animal Sanctuary to ensure these furry friends have a chance at a happy life.

She also makes sure to put together chairs for each animal’s specific needs, making sure that they receive the maximum amount of comfort. From a chihuahua in Ohio to a great dane in Oregon, Kilyun will not stop until every disabled pet has found its deserved sense of relief.