How the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the film enterprise

Jenna Gagnon, Staff Writer

COVID-19  has caused many inconveniences for a variety of groups, one being the movie industry. To prevent the spread of this dangerous virus, many places have closed or have made changes to the way they usually go about their services. The movie industry has averted further production of most current movies and delayed movie release dates. The coronavirus has closed all local movie theaters in Wake County for over a month now. 

The coronavirus pandemic has suspended or canceled many upcoming films. The Avatar sequels, Uncharted, Vengeance, The Batman, The Man From Toronto, The Little Mermaid, Mission Impossible: 7, Official Competition, and The Nightingale are all movies that have postponed further filming. Unfortunately, some famous celebrities, such as Tom Hanks have tested positive for COVID-19, delaying filming for an even longer time. All other cast members would need to be tested as a precaution. It is crucial that this virus is taken seriously and all instated rules are followed to accommodate this country’s health.  

It is crucial that this virus is taken seriously and all instated rules are followed to accommodate this country’s health.  ”

Locally, movie theaters’ shutting down has halted profit for employees. Many teens and their families rely on their job salary to help pay bills and other essentials. In general, many jobs have fixed hours that impact employees and the number of hours they now have to work. 

The introduction of home premieres has been used in replace of movie theaters. The price to watch the movie in your own home is the same as going to your local theater. The home premieres can be accessed using Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Vudu and Google Play Movies and TV. All these platforms charge a fee of $19.99 with the option to rent for 24 hours. This helps the movie business still make money off of new releases. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Disney+, Youtube and other subscriptions all have varieties of movies and shows to watch as a source of entertainment during this strange time. 

The coronavirus is important and should be handled as seriously as possible but it does not restrict us of our entertainment. There are options to help both viewers and the movie industry, one as a remedy for boredom and another in profit. We must continue to take precautions for our own safety and the health of the others around us. Stay home!