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Vedge these hits and flicks this holiday season

Vedge these hits and flicks this holiday season
Kaylee Jacobs, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 20, 2019

From road trips to cozy nights, the holiday season isn’t complete without the timeless tunes and feel-good movies. Sometimes one flick or playlist is just enough to transition from Grinch to Frosty....

How Spider-Man swung back into the MCU

Spider-Man standing between the Sony Universe and the Marvel Universe.
Audrey Delgado, Graphic and Social Media Editor October 22, 2019
The contract guarantees one more Spider-Man movie, but it is unclear how the deal will progress afterwards.

Gone Girl

Jessie Christopher, Staff Writer November 6, 2014
For the most part this movie stays true to the book only leaving out a few minor details for time's sake.
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