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Best of Movie

Red Notice

The Netflix original “Red Notice” seems to be an action movie we have been missing. This movie stars many actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Dwyane Johnson, Gal Gadot, Ritu Arya and Chris Diamantopoulos. These actors combined their humor and intriguing skills to create a movie nobody will forget. Rawson Marshall Thurber, director of “Red Notice” wanted this movie to be the next “Indiana Jones”. You can describe this movie as mysterious and comical.

The movie starts out with Nolan Booth (played by Ryan Reynolds), the best thief in the world meeting John Harley (played by Dwane Johnson), an FBI agent that has been trying to stop him. Throughout the movie, they end up getting closer than they originally intended to be and end up having to work together to get what they both want. Later in the movie, you meet a prolific art thief played by Gal Gadot, who is Nolan and John’s enemy until a big plot twist. A good plot twist is hard to find in other Netflix originals, which is why this movie stood out to me. If you love the feeling of suspense this movie provides it in many ways.

In total, “Red Notice” made around 300 million dollars, and each main actor made around 20 million dollars. There is confirmation that a second movie will happen and will release in 2023, continuing the action. With a chance of getting an academy award, this movie might just be the next big thing. Until then, we have to sit and wait until we know what happens next.

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