Spirit Week brings spring fever

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A whirlwind of immense happiness swirls in the Wakefield halls as students contemplate their wardrobe for spirit week. Each day is categorized with an atypical themed outfit. Students came together to dress like twins, to express themselves by representing their favorite sports team, as a Twitter meme or Vine reference, and to go back in time on Flapper day.

Senior class president Macy Bonnett and vice president Kiele Girouard were the masterminds behind the themes of spirit week. Considering there was not a spirit week before prom last year, our student body president and vice president thought it would be a good idea to have a spirit week this year to help the students get into the spirit of prom.

“We wanted to do a second spirit week before prom since we didn’t have one last year,” Bonnett said. “Since homecoming week is so structured to get ready for homecoming we thought we could do the same for prom.”

Spirit week is a week that many students look forward to, because they get to break out of their normal and everyday attire. Due to spirit week falling the week directly after spring break, not many students were not aware it was spirit week until it was Tuesday.

“Once the students saw others participating in spirit week, they wanted to jump in and be a part of the fun and dress up as well,” Girouard said

For Lucia Urquiaga, junior and foreign exchange student from Spain, spirit week was very interesting and exciting especially because it was such a different experience.

 “I’m from Spain and I don’t have this kind of event at school in my country,” Urquiaga said. “Which makes this week so cool and new.”

For twins, Ashlee and Alexis Piliouras, spirit week makes school days much more exciting and gives them something to look forward to.

“It makes people excited,” the Piliouras twins said. “

People are more excited to come to school, having something to look forward to. Having a bad day with tests and classes but still looking forward to dressing up with your friends.

— Piliarous

Urquiaga agrees because Spirit Week cheers the school up and makes students look forward to going to school on those days.

“I think spirit week makes you actually want to go to school those days,” Urquiaga said. “Because it’s cool to dress up and see others dressing up as well. It’s not as hard to wake up in the morning”

For the Piliouras twins, their favorite day was, ironically, twin day. Actually having a twin made the day twice as fun. For Urquiaga, it was tacky tourist day because many people dressed up and she put a lot of work in her costume.

Urquiaga only hoped that more people would have participated in spirit week. This would have made the week more fun and memorable. 

“I wish people would have participated more because many were very shy about doing it and didn’t dress up,” Urquiaga said. “It was still fun, though.”

Monday was “Meme” Monday, students were able to dress up as their favorite social media character or reference. These are photos, videos, or phrases that are notorious to the teens of social media. Here are some photos of students who displayed their favorite “memes.”

Tuesday was “Twin” Tuesday, many students were given the chance to dress the same as their friends. This day was the easiest for most students because, with their closest friends, it wasn’t very hard to find a shirt and the same colored pants to match.

Wednesday was Jersey Day, people came to school showcasing their favorite sports teams. On this day, it was extremely interesting for students to see each other’s favorite sports and find others who also like the same teams as they do. Overall, it was a great day where the school came together as one in a friendly manner that can so often cause hostile situations in the real world.

Thursday was Tacky Tourist Thursday, many students showed off their Hawaiian shirts, “touristy” hats, sunglasses and cameras. Many students were definitely enjoying their “pretend-vacation” day, which made it fun for all who were watching.

Lastly, Friday was Flapper Friday, this day most closely corresponded to the Prom theme, The Great Gatsby. Not many people dressed up for this day, considering outfits were not normally found in one’s closet. However, this day did prepare the juniors and seniors for their Prom the next day.

Many students enjoyed the fun-filled week, where they could stand out and express themselves in outfits they would not wear every day. Although spirit week is usually a big week for Wakefield, hopefully, there will be a larger turn out next year.

“I think it would have been a much bigger turn out if it wasn’t the week after spring break because people forgot,” Bonnett said. “But it was nice to people get more into spirit week as the week went on.”