Women’s lacrosse gets new players but keeps the same success rate


Staff Photo by Chase Cofield

Coach Grasso talks to players during a timeout about their game plan against Wake Forest.

Currently in the top three of their conference, women’s varsity lacrosse has a history of being a very successful team at Wakefield High School. Lead by Coach Denna, the Lady Wolverines have kept up a positive track record since making it to the state playoffs and the second round of conference in 2007.

This year, the team captains are Macy Bonnett, Andee Abrams, and Brennan Elms. They work hard every day in practice to unite team members, improve their skills, and prepare for upcoming games. Though practices can be long and challenging, Bonnett finds comfort in the positivity of her teammates.

“I love being able to see my friends every day,” Bonnett said. “Just being able to catch up and hang out for two hours makes lacrosse a great experience.”

With the help of the captains, the team has become undefeated in conference (5-0) and have lost only two non-conference games. They utilize every practice to focus and improve on their mistakes from previous games and practices.

Senior Mary Butler also enjoys the family she has found through playing lacrosse. She takes practices and games very seriously, and helps new and younger players on the team. Butler also encourages anyone to join because of how much she has loved playing lacrosse for Wakefield for the last four years.

“If you’re athletic, you’d probably be good at it,” Butler said. “So give it a go.”

Staff Photo by Chase Cofield
Senior, Jenna Chitla goes in to steal the ball.

Freshman Megan Kephart heard some similar advice before joining the team this year. For years she had played basketball and soccer, and her friends noticed her exceptional athleticism. Though reluctant at first, Kephart was eventually drawn to join when she realized some of the friends she went to middle school were on the team. Now she has made friends with the entire team, and couldn’t be happier with her decision to try out for lacrosse.

“I always thought [lacrosse] looked fun and my friends encouraged me to do it,” Kephart said. “[The teammates] are nice, sweet, and know what they’re doing so it’s fun.”

Kephart is the only freshman who made it on varsity. Her hard work and drive to succeed are an inspiration to prospective athletes and those on every team. Coach Denna Grasso encourages Kephart and all of the athletes on lacrosse to always give their best effort and strive for success.

“I’m very proud of Kephart and all the other players on the team,” Grasso said. “They have and continue to work extremely hard and it is paying off.”

Whether it is team dinners, bowling, or a team Easter egg hunt, the women’s varsity lacrosse team makes it a priority to make and maintain healthy relationships to better their connection on the field. Senior Mackenzie Green can attest to this philosophy and would like to welcome anyone interested in joining the women’s lacrosse family.

“Lacrosse is the best experience I have had through all of high school,” Green said. “If you are looking to showcase your skills, get involved in Wakefield activities, or just have fun, the lacrosse team is the place for you.”