Jason Keenan deadlifts 600 lbs, setting American record

Joseph Ortiz, Website Editor

Weighing in at 180 pounds, Junior Jason Keenan demolishes the competition on June 3, 2017 at CrossFit RDU Raleigh, breaking an American deadlift record, lifting 600 pounds.

The results hard work can give you are phenomenal.  That is the exact reason why Keenan continues to succeed at these types of events.  His competitive drive to constantly get better every day is truly inspiring.

“I was trying to stay calm and not get too excited,” Keenan said.  “I wanted to keep my energy as a medium level.  I knew that I would be going up against the previous record holder.”

Keenan had nothing on his mind but winning.  He knew that there was going to be some talented competition at CrossFit RDU Raleigh but he remained focused.  He also knew that the previous record holder would be competing as well.  With the help of Coach Brandon Kelley, Health and PE teacher at Wakefield, nothing could stop him from getting the victory he worked so hard to achieve.

“Around 250 people show up, men and women from all different ages,” Keenan said.  “I got to meet new friends, and cheer them on in their events.”

Keenan not only enjoys the sport that he’s competing in, but also the people he comes across at each event.  Given the amount of people who attend these events, there’s a lot of room for socializing, which is right up Keenan’s alley.  He loves being around other people.

“My favorite part of competing is just the environment that I’m in,” Keenan said.  “Everyone there has goals that they are working towards and being around people like that gives me extra motivation to chase my own.  It’s a great feeling when you reach a goal that you thought would never happen.”

Having someone encouraging present during training sessions is also a key factor that can play a huge role in success.  Kelley was this encouragement for Keenan

“Training with Coach Kelley is great because he knows what he is doing in the gym,” Keenan said.  “He helps me out with my form and technique.  He is also a great guy to have around when training because he pushes me really hard to keep working.””

Kelley saw a fire in Keenan that drew him towards him.  He believes that Keenan is a superb student and a very hard worker when it comes to anything.

“I didn’t know him until he took my class,” Kelley said.  “My class is designed to help all athletes reach their goals.  Jason is very strong and athletic.  He not only trained with me, but he also trains himself as well.  He has a very strong work ethic, and he’s definitely a fun person to be around.”

Kelley loves working with athletes to help them see positive results in their training.  This is why Kelley encourages any athlete to be taking his weight lifting class.

“As a coach, I love working with athletes, seeing positive results come from hard work,”  Kelley said.  “Jason proves this.  He’s nationally ranked because he’s not only gifted but he worked hard for what he’s earned.  

As for the future, Keenan has set goals that he wants to achieve as many athletes do.  It is solely up to him to make those goals reality or not.

“I hope to keep on pushing myself to the limit when it comes to training,” Keenan said.  “I want to inspire others around me and help out whenever I can.”