The swim team leaves everyone in the ripples


Photo Courtesy of the WHS Swim Twitter

The Wakefield Swim team celebrates a successful practice.

Whitney Gaudet, Features Editor

The recent victories of the swim team seem to be unparalleled to their achievements in past years, with over 10 people going to regionals and individuals winning several other awards. The swim team has come together as a whole to work toward their common goals, as they were led by their coach and team captains.

The team’s role model, Coach Wainio, provided unconditional support that led the entire team to be successful this past season.

“Many of the swimmers that I coach are either in my class or have been in my class,” Coach Waino said.  “I enjoy seeing them get involved in a sport that I enjoy.  Making those connections with my students is an added bonus to this job.” 

The support and connections that Coach Wainio shared with her swim team members are unmatched, as they each have established a positive relationship with her. It has been agreed amongst the team that she always has their best interests at heart and wants them to push themselves to perform the best that they can.

“My coach is one of my favorite people ever, she has always been there for me,” senior team captain Emily Southard said.

The connections that are made between team members are never-ending and they all work cohesively throughout practices. As the captains lead the land aerobics exercises, such as burpees or mountain climbers, Coach Wainio then guides the practices directly in the water.

“They[the team] all are very excited to swim and the atmosphere is amazing,” senior team captain Jarret Novak said.

There are two major parts to each swim practice, as the captains divulged that they participate in land aerobics for conditioning and then they move on to their exercises within the pool itself. Each captain would take turns guiding drills, and they all worked cohesively to accomplish their goals. It seems that this year has been one of the team’s proudest years since so many team members went on to compete at the regional level and represent Wakefield and the pride it has for swim.

“These[awards] have been rewarding for me because of the growth it shows our team has had over the years. 

Three years ago we did not take any swimmers to the State meet, so we are headed in the right direction and I am proud of our team”

— Wainio

,” Coach Wainio said.

Although it is obvious that the entire team has established a connection with their coach, it seems that it is even more rewarding for Coach Wainio as she is there through their academic and athletic achievements.

“When any swimmer gets their best time, or qualifies for Regionals or competes at States, each of those successes has an impact on me,” Coach Wainio said. “When the swimmer accomplishes a goal, I am happy with the progress they have made and are proud of them.  It is very rewarding!”