Wrestling team finishes with a 14-7 dual team season


Photo Courtesy of Russell Williams

Wakefield’s wrestling team shows that it’s all about the W.

Allie Chiu, Staff Writer

Wakefield’s wrestling season came to an end this year with a 14-7 dual team performance.  The team was led by Coach Russell Williams in his fifth year as head coach. Williams reflects on the team’s success this year acknowledging the growth from 2017’s struggle to win matches at the conference.

“The season is much better than the others,” said Williams.  Terry Edwards, senior captain acknowledged the growth may be in part to the team doubling in players this year.

Since the team has a dual record of 14-7 and only two seniors left, Williams expects a lot of returning members in the future.  Upperclassmen acknowledge the commitment required to see results.

“You got to put in a bunch of work,” said Andrew Meyer, a senior captain. Meyer has been playing since freshman year.

In addition to working consistently throughout the week, some wrestlers rely on their mental focus to prepare for matches.

“I like to go hard all week and the day of the match I get zoned in,” Edwards said.

Putting in the practice prepares students for combat on the mat.

“Wrestling is nonstop high energy for minutes at a time,” said Chancey Wolfe, Athletic Director. He agrees that going to practice and wanting to be there will help tremendously with how well you do. 

Coach Williams has been working on getting a well-versed team together and putting all of his energy into the players. 

“That is a sign of a coach who is committed, dedicated and motivated to get players,” Wolfe said. “[Williams is] building a culture-building a program, and that makes a team more excited to compete.” 

Coach Williams and Terry Edwards celebrate with family after a match.

This year has been a big year for recruitment; not just because the size has doubled. This season, the Wolverines welcomed their first female wrestler, junior Jovonni Brown, junior.

 “It’s something new, different and not just a male sport,” said Brown.

Brown is part of the trend in North Carolina which saw an increase from less than 100 females in the sport last year to almost 300 this year.

Coach Williams hopes to see Wakefield recruit even more females to the sport in the coming seasons.

“I’m very enthusiastic to see girls competing in wrestling,” said Willliams.  “Anything we can do to increase the number of participants and the diversity of wrestlers is great.”

Because training for matches requires students to develop their physical bodies and mental capacities, Williams understands that the benefits of joining the team go far beyond winning matches.

“This will help kids with self-control and get them in shape,” said Williams.