The Howler

The Skinny Turkey event brings together the Wakefield community as they advocate for mental health awareness in 2022.

The Skinny Turkey Event engages Wakefield students, community

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 21, 2022

12 years ago, Wakefield High School experienced multiple student deaths that were alcohol and drug-related. Concerned parties at the school decided to take action to support students in this time of struggle....

Volunteers help out with the bake sale at Mistletoe Market.

Annual Mistletoe Market brings benefits to all aspects of Wakefield community

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer November 10, 2022

Over the years, Mistletoe Market has become one of the most popular and highly anticipated events at Wakefield High School. People from all over the community come to Mistletoe Market to shop from a plethora...

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