Annual Mistletoe Market brings benefits to all aspects of Wakefield community


Staff Photo by Chase Cofield

Volunteers help out with the bake sale at Mistletoe Market.

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer

Over the years, Mistletoe Market has become one of the most popular and highly anticipated events at Wakefield High School. People from all over the community come to Mistletoe Market to shop from a plethora of vendors and small businesses, and often find it hard to leave empty-handed. 

This event is an opportunity for small businesses to promote their craft and for clubs and sports teams to raise money. For many students who are a part of service organizations such as National Honor Society (NHS) or Key Club, the market can also be a great opportunity to volunteer in the community. The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) begins planning the market in July, which gives them time to rent the space, have vendors apply for spots and acquire an appropriate amount of volunteers.

Mistletoe Market is an extremely organized event, and to make sure everything runs smoothly, volunteers are crucial. Many clubs at Wakefield are service-based and require their members to get volunteer hours. One club in particular, NHS, requires members to get 20 hours of service per school year. Katie Tan, a senior, is president of Wakefield’s NHS and takes advantage of the opportunity to get service hours from Mistletoe Market. She also uses this event as an opportunity to connect with the community.

“Mistletoe Market helps NHS members [because] it gives us a great way to get hours and [provides us with a] super fun experience [allowing us] to interact with our peers and vendors,” Tan said. “Helping with the vendors and getting to have a personal experience with them is something we all value and look forward to.”

Many students are at the forefront of Mistletoe Market activities. Not only do student volunteers help guide customers around the market, but many take the opportunity to work as vendors to fundraise for a club or school sports team. The dance team is one of these student-run vendors. They have a baked goods booth, sell pizza and drinks, and serve people as needed. Caylah Pearson, a senior and co-captain on the dance team, has helped run the dance team stand multiple times throughout her high school career. 

“[Mistletoe Market] is a really big fundraiser for us since we don’t receive funding from the school,” said Pearson. “It is a good way for us to make people more aware of the dance team and we enjoy doing [it] because it is a good bonding experience for the team.”

In addition to being a bonding experience for the team, Mistletoe Market is an excellent bonding experience for the community. The PTSA is responsible for running this event and has been since Mistletoe Market was established in 2001. 

Helping with the vendors and getting to have a personal experience with them is something we all value and look forward to.”

— Tan

Cheryl Simpson is the PTSA president and is an active part of the preparation behind Mistletoe Market. Simpson works to make sure everything runs smoothly and that the event has a successful turnout. While Mistletoe Market has many perks for students and vendors, it also benefits the school.

“[The] purpose of the market is to raise funds for the school,” Simpson said. “The money goes to teacher grants, senior scholarships, school improvements [and more].”

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Mistletoe Market allows small businesses to showcase their craft and creations. Local small businesses make up the majority of vendors at Mistletoe Market. One of these small businesses is Doora Ceramics. 

Doora Ceramics was established in 2014 by Doreen Jakob. Jakob creates ceramics that tell stories. She has attended Mistletoe Market since 2018 as a vendor, and appreciates the community and support that surrounds this event.

“[Mistletoe Market is the] only high school show that we do,” Jakob said. “I feel like consumers appreciate the work we do and it has a very loyal following so you get similar people over the years. It is amazing how many people come.”

Mistletoe Market provides countless opportunities for a number of people. Whether you are a student, parent, or small business owner, Mistletoe Market is a great place to be on Saturday, Nov. 12. 

“It is an event for the community to come together and to see our school and what we are about,” Simpson said.