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Decrease in enrollment brings closure of Wakefield North

Decrease in enrollment brings closure of Wakefield North

Palace Jones, Online Editor

May 9, 2016

“With change comes a lot of apprehension, but we’ve got a pretty good plan in place where we think we are going to have a smooth transition.” -Bazzell

Regenerating books from the past to aid the future

Students sort books raised by the African Library Project.

Emily Callahan, Features Editor

February 10, 2016

“People don’t have this around the world, they don’t have classrooms or buildings that are safe to be in. They don’t have any resources. The community where the library will be built has preschoolers through eighth graders, and they don’t even have a library or source of books." ~Howell

Fundraising for a world free from cancer

Sheen Montazeri and his team pose before playing in the quarter-finals of the Relay for Life soccer tournament.

Jillian Kerzner, Copy Editor

February 10, 2016

Each year, four million people participate in Relay for Life events. There, they celebrate what they’ve overcome, remember the lives lost to cancer, and raise the funds necessary to fight back.

Teacher of the Year Award marks Bode’s 31st year of teaching

Irma Bode creates a fun learning environment for her students.

Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief

December 10, 2015

Recently, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher, Irma Bode, was named Wakefield’s Teacher of the Year. This is Bode’s 31st year teaching, and 11th year teaching at Wakefield. Bode, along with other teachers, was nominated for the award. “I knew I was nominated,” said Bode. “It wasn’t until Ms...

WCPSS Snapchat ban happened in a flash

Wakefield students use the snapchat app on their smartphones.

Rebecca Fiely and Manuela Vega

October 21, 2015

“It’s not being used appropriately,” said Jasmine Alston, counselor, “I know some people think ‘Well, I’m not the one doing it,’ but it’s [still] not being used in the right way.”

Committee updates Wakefield’s policies

Students at Wakefield High School adhere to the new dress code.

Kate Meikle, Copy Editor

October 8, 2015

While continuing to enforce many of the same policies from last year, Wakefield has introduced new updates for the 2015-2016 school year in order establish a healthy and successful learning environment with the security of staff and students in mind. Faculty from across the board have worked very hard...

Saving SMART Lunch

Mrs. Walters helps students utilize smart lunch.

Juliana Merzigian, Staff Writer

October 5, 2015

"SMART Lunch is essential to Wakefield's core." ~Davidson

North Carolina gives Advanced Placement students a free opportunity

AP students review content in the final month before the tests are administered.

Jillian Kerzner, Staff Writer

March 30, 2015

“Students should take this opportunity because if they can pass the exam, it will actually save them money in the long run because they won’t have to pay for those classes in college.” -Thomas

Wakefield wins $100,000

Just Think First adviser Tony Calabria and Sandy Gasper look on as State Farm 
representatives present the $100,000 check.

Hannah Chaya and Meera Mani, Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor

January 6, 2015

“I think not just winning the money, that’s just a part of it. What I really liked was the community.” Wells

Early grads prepare for the future

Charlie Morris, Features Editor

January 6, 2015

“In January, there are two groups of students that graduate. There are the students who have chosen to leave a semester early and the students who still had to complete another semester of school to be eligible to graduate. Inscoe

Students save lives in blood drive

A Rex Healthcare nurse draws blood from Asante Joor at the Key Club sponsored event.

Dominique Palmer, Business Editor

January 6, 2015

“This blood drive we saved over 200 lives and donated almost 90 pints of blood." Horton

FFA turns the State Fair garden into a Frozen wonderland

FFA students take a break from preparing their Frozen garden to smile for the camera.

Skyler Portnoy, Staff Writer

November 6, 2014

“If you can go on the trip and are qualified [are an FFA member] to do so I recommend it because it’s fun, and you can do it for volunteer hours so that works too.” -Ortega.

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