Wakefield students and teachers discuss 2020 election


Staff Photo by Allie Chiu

This year’s election is brewing up a historical number of candidates taking on Trump.

Nina Cherry, Sports Editor

On Nov. 3, Americans will head to the polls and render their verdict on the upcoming presidency. Control of the US Congress, governorships and state legislatures are all in play. All eyes are on the Democrats and the candidate that they nominate to take on Trump. 

There are more than 20 Democratic candidates who have announced their intentions to run for the nomination, including former vice-president Joe Biden and 2016 Insurgent Candidate Bernie Sanders.

During the election process, many opinions circulate and everyone looks for something different in their next president. Advanced Placement (AP)  Psychology and AP US Government teacher, Stephen Holcomb, explains what he’s looking for when voting for our next president. 

“I look for their record and what they have done,” Holcomb said. “I also look at them as a person and what kind of behavior they exhibit.”

Susan Schock, AP US History teacher, also explains the importance of choosing the right president.

“It is important to pick a candidate who understands the issues we face as a nation,” Shock said. 

Senior Austen Maccherone shares what she looks for in an ideal president. 

The president enacts policies and approves or disapproves of legislation that will affect everyone in some way.”

— Turchetti

“I look for someone with a strong vision for the country,” Maccherone said. “They must have the courage to make unpopular decisions and the composure to act in a crisis.”

Senior Sophia Turchetti elaborates on what she looks for in a president. They should exhibit effective communication skills and a strong vision for the country’s future.

“I look for someone who is passionate about advancing our country,” Turchetti said. “They must have the courage to make the most beneficial decisions even if they’re unpopular.”

The past presidential election affected many adults in the United States, but the impact on teenagers is not well understood and many teenagers tend to not give the elections much thought. 

“I think everyone is affected by who the president is,” Turchetti said. “The president enacts policies and approves or disapproves of legislation that will affect everyone in some way.”

Holcomb explains the importance of youth awareness of the presidential elections. If the president makes an executive order or approves of any type of legislation, that has an effect on youth now and later on. 

“The president is the person who is going to decide the end result of which way the country is going to go,” Holcomb said. “They are going to have a huge impact, not only now, but in the future.”

Predictions for the upcoming election have already surfaced.  

“I do think this election will be an exciting one,” Turchetti said.  “I encourage everyone to vote this year if they can.”

This election has more candidates running for the Democratic nomination than there have been in decades, including a record number of women. The 2020 election is already proving to be the most historic one yet.  

“It will be an interesting one,” Shock said.