Dessert Discovery: Strawberry-watermelon shortcake for the summer


Angelina Ramirez, News Editor

When I think fruit for the summertime, the first that comes to mind is watermelon. I looked up dessert recipes with watermelon in them, and the majority of the results were chocolate fondue and watermelon cubes. That sounds really appealing, but I wanted to try something that I have never done before.

That was when I came across the website Watermelon Board, which was filled with unique dessert recipes based around watermelon. I looked through the recipes for something that I could bake, and I found the Strawberry- Watermelon Shortcake Recipe.

First, I looked over the recipe, and I noticed that they made the shortcake on biscuits. I found this so unusual but I figured, don’t knock it till you try it. I have made biscuits many times, and I noticed that it is important not to over mix the dough. If you try this recipe, do not over mix!! Since they didn’t use buttermilk in the recipe, they were really fragile and over mixing the dough would have caused the biscuits to turn hard as rocks.

For me, I didn’t really like how they included the puree into the product. On the first couple of biscuits that I was putting together, the puree made them mushy. I felt that the whipped cream gave them enough moisture by itself and that the puree just made the biscuits fall apart.

So what I did was drain the soaking fruit and leave a little puree on the side, and I ended up drizzling that on the end product for a little extra flavor.

The whipped cream tasted so good! I found that the recipe yielded way more whipped cream than it needed to though because I had so much extra left over. If you try this recipe, I recommend cutting the whipped cream ingredients in half, unless you want to save it for some waffles the next morning (which is a good option too).

Overall, this recipe was really impressive. I was a little freaked out by the fact that I was putting watermelon on a biscuit, but it turned out really good! I love all of the tastes together and the texture was almost like a pancake. I didn’t think that I would turn out to like this discovery, but out of the past ones that I have made, I am most likely to make this one again.


Some things I recommend:

  • If you are familiar with a different biscuit recipe, use it! Biscuits are best with buttermilk.
  • If you are looking for a faster approach, there is a Bisquick Biscuit Recipe online that is fast and easy. Also, using store bought whip cream is a good option too, but whipping your own cream tastes so good and it does not even take long.
  • Since pureed watermelon is sort-of like a juice, maybe adding strawberries to this recipe will thicken it up a little and taste awesome.