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How has Wakefield helped to prepare for your future?

Yasmin Rosa

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Ryanne Howard

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Ryanne Howard
June 4, 2019


Jaquelyn Lustgarten, Junior

Wakefield has prepared me for the future by forming me into a stronger individual. Since I am apart of SGA as class president, I have learned many valuable skills, such as leadership and responsibility. It has allowed me to grow as a person because Wakefield provides a fun, safe learning environment for its students and faculty. Wakefield has not only allowed me to grow but allowed me to help others in their success because everyone works together and has shown me how to work with others as a team. I am grateful to be a student at Wakefield because it has made me a better person.




William Mallory, Freshman

Wakefield has prepared me for my future in many ways. For one example, English class has taught me how to write essays that will help me with the college application process. It has helped me with grammar and helped me better analyze literary works. Wakefield is helping me become more independent by giving me more freedom, compared to middle school. I have learned to adapt to new rules. I have also learned how to adjust to less, but longer classes by making the transition from middle school to high school.



Abigail Mosher, Sophomore

I have always been committed to working hard and striving for a future which suits me. Knowing my interests and skills has set me up for success and attending Wakefield has given me the tools I need to make it happen. When people ask if I am happy at Wakefield, my answer is yes! I’ve had the ability to make it my own by participating in clubs, taking classes that interest me, going to school events, and getting to know some amazing individuals. I plan on going to college after high school; when I leave Wakefield, I am glad to know I will have everything I need to build a future for myself.



Sage Cooley, Sophomore

Wakefield High School is not only preparing me academically for my future but is also providing me with a better understanding of society and life’s responsibilities. All of my teachers do an excellent job of holding students accountable for their work, while also encouraging students to hold themselves accountable. Teachers reach out to students and offer their advice on course selection, future planning, and activities that promote critical thinking. I’ve met many wonderful people who motivate me to be my best self. A public school like Wakefield High welcomes a diverse environment, which is the reality of society. I’m going to attend college after high school in the hopes of becoming an engineer. I feel confident that my teachers here will be great people to look to for advice on my journey.