FCCLA takes states to another level


Photo Courtesy of Jane Flannagan

FCCLA celebrates all their gold medals won at the State Star Events in Greensboro.

Whitney Gaudet, Features Editor

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America took home gold this April at the State Star Events. Within the club there is a strong sense of family among all of the members- their unity is often unparalleled.

The President of this club is senior, Macy Bonnett, who has been a member for all four years of high school. Bonnett always worn the FCCLA president title with pride and enthusiasm.

“My favorite part is spending so much time with such different people and it is a great way to get to know people and make memories,” Bonnett said.

The organization split into a large number of pairs that worked together to sculpt their projects into perfection for the statewide championship competition, and the number of teams that were awarded gold awards is exceptional. One pair that earned a gold medal is Macy Bonnett and Morgan Heaton who have been a team for every single year they have competed in this event.

FCCLA has really helped me become a better leader and has forced me to step out of my comfort zone more”

— Bonnett

,” Bonnett said.

This year Bonnett and Heaton’s project revolved around several topics, those being child development and the atmosphere of the household. This year’s presentation also focused in on literacy and the improvement of children’s language over a span of time.

The club recently went to State Championships to present projects that relate to various topics that represent this organization’s name. These projects could range from family dynamics, general aspects of life, or even new lessons that people could learn at any age.

The Vice President of the club is Kate McCreery who has also been a member of this organization throughout all of high school, participating throughout her middle school days.

“Through the past years I have won gold in every event I have competed in and I have completed these projects with my best friends,” McCreery said. “These competitions have been so fun and I have had my best memories here.”

A part of FCCLA that is an important aspect is the sense of community it builds among the members. The bonding that the members experience is amplified as they ride the bus for nearly two hours, jam to music, and stay in a hotel room with close friends. There may even be groups that do not know each other well, but they end up leaving with a closer bond than they expected to create.

Throughout the trip, members prepare for their presentations that take place during the day, then they all spend time together by eating food or even ordering sweet treats late at night. One of the advisors, Ms. Overcash, gives insight into her high school experiences with FCCLA to now being an advisor.

“Especially being on a trip together and going through the stress together the [members] definitely bonded really well and very fast,” Overcash said. “Some of them did not know other girls on the trip and by the end of the trip they were all laughing and hugging.”

Another advisor is Ms. Flanagan, who has been an enormous part of overseeing FCCLA and its championships for several years.

“They get really into it and create the most wonderful end products,” Flanagan said. “I like watching their creativity, presentation skills, and professionalism grow to where I can visualize them being successful in a career.”

As the successful state championship came to a close, the members left with a feeling of pride in their projects and the memories created that will be reminisced about in the future. The seniors who have been members for all four years of high school seem to have experienced the greatest feeling of bittersweetness as they leave behind their competing days.  

“I love watching the seniors move on and I will miss them but I know by working with them that they will have success in their future,” Flanagan said.