Howler Teacher Advice Column

This month, Ryanne and Yasmin asked teachers to share advice with students. Here’s what they said…

Mrs. Schug

To achieve an A in my class it is important for you to take responsibility for your learning. There is so much material, and teachers can never cover it all. Please remember reading over notes is NOT studying, find a new or better method. Be resourceful, there are so many useful supplies you can learn from. Try reviewing your textbook and powerpoints, study groups also help as well as using quizlets.

Even if reading is not assigned for homework that night, read anyway. It will help you to have a better understanding. The key is to read and review notes you’ve taken and textbook material; daily if you can. Do not wait until the night before a test. Students should really try to engage during class time. Ask questions if you are confused and come in for help if you need it. 


Staff Photo by: Yasmin Rosa
Ms. Vick, 

In order for students to obtain an A in my class, they need to do a few things. The first thing, of course, is to come to class with a positive attitude. Attitude is EVERYTHING in my class! Bad attitudes have no place in my class.

Students should complete their work and remain positive during assignments (even the ones that aren’t the most fun!) Make sure to study every day and not just cram before the test or final exam. Get your study habits down in high school, this will help set you up for success entering college.


Staff Photo by: Yasmin Rosa
Mr. Bayer, 
Social Studies

So you want to know how to get an “A” you say? I’ll try and break it down for you as easy as I can. The first step is showing up to school, and yes, class. I have once been told by someone that, “The best ability is availability.” Just showing up is half the battle. From there, you have to commit to what is going on in the class and just be engaged. You have to be there anyway, right? Might as well make the most of it. Commit to it. That means you buy-in to the lesson, activity, whatever it is, and just flat out make the most of it. It makes class more meaningful, more fun for everyone, and you will see better results. Everything that has been mentioned so far are things that anyone can do.

My last step that is necessary is to just “stay in your lane” and focus on what you need to take care of. Not everyone learns the same, so I can’t sit here and say you need to do something in particular. Just do what works for you. In class, that means avoid distractions, stop worrying about what others are doing or thinking, and worry about yourself. That last step can follow you outside the classroom as well. Whether you’re the student that can study for only 10 minutes, the student that needs an hour, or the student that needs more, all that matters is that you do what works best for you and do not worry about how others are doing. Getting an A is easier than you think. You can do it.