Why freshmen deserve more respect

This month, Howler staffers asked freshmen why they deserve respect.

Michael Cruz

Michael Cruz

Ryanne Howard and Yasmin Rosa

Michael Cruz, Guest Writer, Freshman

Being a freshman is a great experience. There are some setbacks though like all the other grades make fun of your grade level. My advice is to ignore mean upperclassmen and enjoy your freshman year. Be active and participate in sports, clubs, and other activities. As a freshman, we deserve respect because we are seeds that will bloom, and we are the future just as much as other grades are. When I become a sophomore I will show respect to the freshmen.




Aricka Shelton

Aricka Shelton, Guest Writer, Freshman

As a freshman, I believe that we should get more respect from teachers because even if it’s been half a year, we are still getting in the schedule of high school. We are new to the school. I knew high school was going to be different than all other schools because we are growing up and teachers are expecting us to be more mature. Next year’s freshman should be ready for the time and effort it takes to keep up with your classes and your grade. I’m surrounding myself with friends who can help me with work.




Staff Photo by Jake Whitehead
Logan Swank

Logan Swank, Guest Writer, Freshmen

I think freshman deserve more respect because they are just like everyone else. Just because they’re the youngest doesn’t mean you should be rude to them. Upperclassmen should be nice to us because we are new to the school and they should help us out. We need their help to make sure that we are doing the right thing. They also should set an example for us because sometimes we need to know what to do. Freshmen also should get more respect because we are the people that are still adjusting to how high school goes.