Promposals invite couples to peer through the looking glass

Lillie Hooker and Cameron Cokas posing a cute with SpongeBob related poster.

Photo Courtesy of Lillie Hooker via Twitter

Lillie Hooker and Cameron Cokas posing a cute with SpongeBob related poster.

Flashing lights, fancy dresses and tuxedos, and pumping music are the perfect words to describe this year’s prom. However, the one thing that is even more exciting than prom itself, are the promposals. There have been many promposals throughout the school all ranging from flashy posters to baskets of candy.

Some promposals have even made people rethink their decision to go to prom.

“I didn’t plan on going to prom and I wasn’t even expecting to be asked,” Junior Catherine Pickle said. “After the promposal, I was so excited and ready to go have some fun.”

Pickle discussed her promposal and her feelings about being asked.

“During Pride Time my friend Chris came up to me with this chocolate cake in his hand,” Pickle said. “ When I looked at the top, the word ‘prom’ was written in big blue letters. I was really happy and really excited to go.”

Senior Cameron Cokas was the winner of the promposal competition. His promposal had to do with an inside joke and a love for Spongebob.

Photo Courtesy of Gracie DiGiuseppe via Twitter
Wilhelm Stevens makes a cheesy Promposal to Gracie Digiuseppe.

“I went to Harris Teeter, and I bought some flowers and jelly. I had this idea to do a poster that was Spongebob theme,” Cokas said. “I was going to draw the characters, but I’m terrible at drawing, so I drew a jelly fish instead, then I came up with the jelly idea.”

Cokas’ date, senior Lillie Hooker, explained the meaning behind his ‘jelly idea’

“There is this song called “The Jellyfish Jam” from Spongebob Squarepants, so he drew a jellyfish and he gave me jelly,” Hooker said. “I was walking up the stairs and then he started playing the jellyfish song from my favorite episode of Spongebob.”

Other people explain what their dream promposal would be if they were going to be asked.

“[I would want] my prom date to do something really extra so that everyone could see,”Junior Josiah Kinlaw said. “Like if I was walking through the hallway and then 80 people just jumped out and surprised me while my Prom date asked me with a big poster.”

People who go to prom don’t necessarily have to be together, they could just be friends.

“ I have known Cameron since the 2nd grade and we have been best friends ever since,” Hooker said. “He knows that my favorite show is Spongebob and it was my dream promposal.”

Photo Courtesy of Ian McDonald via Twitter
Ian Mcdonald delivers a Harry Styles themed promposal to Rhodelle Beatrice

Some people have even spent hours and true dedication on making their Promposal.

“The night before I baked a cake from scratch that had the words Prom written on the top,” junior Christopher Bledsoe said. “Her favorite colors are blue and green so the cake was green while the letters were blue.”

Even though guys are the one’s who traditionally ask girls to prom, some guys still want to have their dream promposals.

“I want a big parade in the street,” said Bledsoe. “And for everyone to be holding a sign that says ‘Prom’ as they walk towards me.”

Promposals come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how big or small, they are always special. They inspire high schoolers to get excited for prom and encourage their friends to go. Each promposal has a lot of work put into it, and includes a lot of creativity.

Some people dream about their future promposals while other people’s dreams come true.

“This was my dream promposal,” said Hooker. “I couldn’t have asked for anything else.”