Students explore college curriculum, campus life at Splash UNC

Chinma Ngumoha

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Juniors Kaleigh Young, Tejal Vanukuru and Senior Bailey Parish explore college opportunities at Splash UNC.

Photo Courtesy of Eliah Tekotte

Juniors Kaleigh Young, Tejal Vanukuru and Senior Bailey Parish explore college opportunities at Splash UNC.

For many students, the daily rigors of living away from home and taking classes without parents monitoring every classwork grade a teacher enters into PowerSchool is a faraway notion.  This past November 12, Wakefield High School was well represented at UNC’s Splash UNC program.  Students spent the Saturday immersed in college classes while they navigated the campus on their own.

“Splash UNC is where high school students go to be taught by college students,” junior Tejal Vanukuru said. “We took different classes that were very interesting and cool. The students and I got a vibe from the school and got to experience college life.”

The packed day gave students the opportunity to leave their comfort zone and try something  new.

“I lived the life of a college student,” Vanukuru said. “We signed up for classes we are interested in. I signed up for cooking, biology, and history.”

The program has been going on for 59 years now and some students heard about the program from friends while other students dream of one day going to UNC Chapel Hill.

“Growing up my mom has always loved UNC Chapel Hill and always had UNC jackets and gear around the house,” Joycelyn Malosa, a junior who attended the Splash program, said.  “I grew up being a real fan of the school and that’s my dream college to attend, so going to Splash UNC really gave a me a preview of the next 4 years of my life.”

The classes were not only educational but inquisitive as well.

“The classes were fun and entertaining,” Lauren Slusher, junior said. “My favorite part of the program was when we had breaks in between classes and we got to explore the campus and even go to the cafeteria.

The students spent the day learning how their lives will be in the future and most walked away with positive reflections.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about Splash UNC,” Malosa said. “It was a really amazing experience and I absolutely loved it so much.”

The students who attended the campus felt something that only students who went to the program could feel.

“I thought I would feel intimidated by all the college students but I didn’t feel that way,” Slusher said. “It was really fun being there and interacting with other students. The college students teaching the classes gave it a different element that I really enjoyed.”

Not only do students think the program is a refreshing and new experience, science teacher, Ms. Stiles, also feels it can provide students a preview of campus life.

“I think programs like the Splash UNC program are great for students. It gives them the opportunity to get on the college campus,” Laura  Stiles, National Science Honor Society advisor said. “It gives them the opportunity to interact with college students. They can ask students attending the school what is it like and what their experience was like.”

The Splash UNC program gives students the opportunity to act as college students and prepare them for what college will be like in the future.


— “The program is really fun, you get to pick your own classes and even if you don't get the class you wanted it's still a really cool experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good time,” Vanukuru said.

Overall if high school students are  looking to experience something new and exciting they should attend the UNC splash program.

“If you want to meet new people and try new and different classes–this program is for you,” Malosa said.