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FFA members embody leadership at NC State Fair

Tenley Robinson
Wakefield’s Future Farmers of America along with other schools help out at the NC State Fair. FFA is a school organization for those interested in agriculture and beyond.

The North Carolina State Fair is one of the most popular and important events in NC. People from across the state come to the NC State Fair to enjoy the wonderful feeling that the fair always radiates. This event holds all kinds of small events and activities, such as local vendors, fun shows, food, games and rides. You can even find agricultural exhibits with various farm animals and plants.

An important part of the NC State Fair involves the Future Farmers of America, better known as FFA. FFA is an organization for students who are interested in agriculture, farming, gardening and finding who they are meant to be. Wakefield’s FFA club has participated in the State Fair for 15 years; this year’s members are ready to come together to help bring the club to light at the NC State Fair. 

Milo Johnson, a member of FFA, has been a part of the club since his freshman year. This will be the first year that he goes to the State Fair with the program. From all of the stories he has heard, he is excited for this opportunity. 

“Most years we help in the Children’s Barnyard, so that includes feeding and taking care of animals they have there,” Johnson said. “We stay there basically all day taking care of the animals and spreading the word about FFA.” 

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The Children’s Barnyard is a great way to see animals and to meet FFA club members, who can help provide you with any information about the club. Cody Marek, while working on his first shift at the Children’s Barnyard, has learned some new skills. 

Patrons of the NC State Fair stroll around in the barn taking a look at some animals. FFA presents the guests with information of all things agriculture. (Tenley Robinson)

“While I worked my shift at the [Chidren’s] Barnyard, I was able to work on my social skills,” Marek said. “While I worked at the podium, I greeted guests who came to see the animals. Being able to see everyone’s different interests and the excitement on the kids faces made my whole experience at the fair better overall.” 

Student involvement at the NC State Fair can be very influential because it helps students create life skills as they help bring the same feeling that the fair has always brought to guests. Jose Hernandez, one of the vice presidents of the club, has been a part of FFA for four years and this will be another season helping at the Children’s Barnyard. He has enjoyed participating in the club since his freshman year and it has made a lasting impression on him. 

“It’s not like other clubs where you’re maybe not doing as much hands-on stuff and you’re bound to rules or codes,” Hernandez said. “You’re immersing yourself in agriculture [and] finding stuff that you would find really interesting for career opportunities.” 

Agriculture is essential in our society due to how much it helps us. Agriculture not only provides us with our main source of food and crops, but it also provides a variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, leather and wood. Without itit, humans would not have survived all of these years. 

Everett Strain, also a vice president of FFA, has been a part of the club since his freshman year. Like Hernandez, he finds the club enjoyable due to the atmosphere of agriculture. 

“FFA [is a club where] you get to meet so many different people with so many different aspirations,” Strain said. “Agriculture is really the staple of society; without [it], there would be no society in the first place.”

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