Wakefield staff, students discuss plans for winter break


Staff Graphic by Nara Hamburger

Winter break provides students and staff the opportunity to travel. From staying at home to cruises, everyone is sure to have an enjoyable time.

Nara Hamburger, Staff Writer

As the annual winter break approaches, students and staff at Wakefield High School –WHS– look forward to a long break from school and work. During the holiday season, people’s plans differ immensely. To some, a cozy week at home sounds perfect, and to others, a getaway from reality is much needed. However, they all revolve around a common theme: family.

This year Jenna Dahir, a sophomore at WHS, is staying home for the holidays. Instead of taking the usual trip to see relatives, Dahir and her family are deciding to switch it up. Staying home this winter break means spending time with each other without the stress of travel. 

“Most of the time we don’t [stay home],” Dahir said. “We [usually] visit family but we just saw them.”

Similar to Dahir, freshman Tenley Robinson, has different plans than usual. Rather than traveling to Asheville after Christmas day, Robinson and her family are going to visit before the holiday. Robinson has been going to her grandma’s house during winter break since she was young. She spends about a week with her family in Asheville, getting to admire the natural beauty there. 

“We normally go for family, but this year it is different,” Robinson said. “We didn’t want [my grandma] to be alone on Christmas day.”

Seeing distant relatives during winter break can be special. However, even for those who spend time with their family frequently, a nice trip is refreshing. For theater teacher Paul Orsett, traveling is a great way to unwind with family. This winter, Orsett is going on an eight-day Caribbean cruise, stopping at four destinations: St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

“We will be gone from the 22 through Dec. 31,” Orsett said. “We may be staying in Florida for a day and then coming back on New Year’s Day.”

I am going to spend time with my family mostly.

— Allred

Spending quality time with family and friends is a great way to spend this winter break. Some people travel great distances to see those they love, but traveling does not always have to be stressful. In fact, many people enjoy traveling for the holidays. 

Kathryn Allred, a special education teacher, enjoys road trips to visit her family in Georgia. Even after making this eight-hour trip several years in a row, Allred finds great joy in the small aspects of traveling, such as listening to music and picking out snacks for the ride. 

“I am going to spend time with my family mostly,” Allred said. “I am from [Georgia] originally and I also have some friends still there.”

 This winter break is sure to be full of fun plans and exciting adventures with family and friends. Many are looking forward to a break from their everyday lives.

“[I love] getting away from [everyday life],” Orsett said.