NC teens organize after repeal of Roe


Staff Graphic by Jordan McIntyre

The North Carolina Teens for Abortion Access organization is seeking to bring awareness to the rising issue of abortion access.

Jordan McIntyre, Co-News Editor

Teenage women are hungry for a change in government, a change that only increased after the Supreme Court’s rulings this summer. On June 24, 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned, making it legal for states to deny safe abortion access.

The NCT4AA – North Carolina Teens For Abortion Access – organization was started by Caroline Zhou, a senior at Chapel Hill High School who brought together a group of girls in the Triangle area interested in helping to protect safe abortion access. 

“When Roe V. Wade officially overturned, I had been back in North Carolina and I felt angry,” Zhou said. “I sent out a message asking if anyone would be willing to brainstorm ways we could do something locally. That was the birth of NCT4AA.”

NCT4AA is a nonprofit organization run by teenage girls in North Carolina who are eager to give a voice to the voiceless. North Carolina has become one of the few southern states without a ban on abortion. NCT4AA understands such non-resident patients looking to get an abortion safely will travel to NC to proceed legally. Thus, they donate all proceeds to The Carolina Abortion Fund.

Senior Susannah Barlett attends East Chapel Hill High School and decided to join the organization to raise awareness about abortion rights following the Supreme Court case. 

“We established that our goal wasn’t quantitative,” Barlett said. “We just wanted to raise as much money and spread as much information as possible.”

The organization’s main objective is to provide access and resources for women in the North Carolina community and to fundraise money for The Carolina Abortion Fund (CAF), which is a nonprofit organization that provides free financial and emotional support through helplines and services for those in need. Their practices are rooted in the belief that abortion is a part of healthcare and should be easily accessed by any individual.

CAF works with smaller organizations such as NCT4AA to help fund the significant undertaking of creating a community where abortions can be obtained safely in all areas and isn’t restricted based on race, age or identity.  

Whether this be through more benefits or eventually a 5k, I want our name to get out there and inspire people to donate.

— Blumenthal

Shanon McManus is a senior at Chapel Hill High School. She shared her passion for safe abortion access with her co-founders to help begin the organization. 

“The truth is that no matter what the legal ruling on abortion is, there will still be people that need them,” McManus said. “With no laws protecting these individuals, they will be forced to turn to unsafe methods as opposed to the sterile, safe procedures that protection by law ensures.”

Prior to Roe v. Wade, an estimated 1.2 million women in the US got illegal abortions every year. The numbers are rising in 2022, leading to increased maternal mortality rates around the country.

Currently, 13 states have limited or banned abortions, the majority of which are southern states. The numbers are rising, and North Carolinians are now beginning to pay attention, especially with elections in November. 

Talia Blumenthal is also a senior at Chapel Hill High School and has high hopes that this organization will take part in the bigger picture, bringing together all genders, races and identities to fight for safe abortion access. 

“Money is so powerful in our world today, and every dollar helps,” Blumenthal said. “Whether this be through more benefits or eventually a 5k, I want our name to get out there and inspire people to donate.”

NCT4AA has currently raised $2,500 since its first fundraiser in July, which goes directly to the Carolina Abortion Fund. This money is used to help individuals finance abortion care when needed. More fundraising events are currently being planned for the future, and anyone and everyone is encouraged to join and become involved.

To learn more about safe abortion access, visit The Carolina Abortion Fund or follow NCT4AA on social media to get more information. 

“Please remember that abortion is not only a women’s issue,” Blumenthal said. “To fight for abortion access, we all need to fight.”