Valentine’s Day cinnamon rolls

Allie Chiu, Arts and Entertainment Editor

~This recipe is one of my favorites! This treat you could make for your friends or family and everyone will enjoy it. 

~If you’re looking for something cute, meaningful, and easy, you found the right recipe.

I start out with…

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls

red food coloring 


Cookie sheet with parchment paper 



~Before you get started set your oven to 350 or whatever your cinnamon rolls ask to be set at.







~Unroll each cinnamon roll and cut it in half.









~Shape all into hearts.


















~After shaping, cook for 30 mins in your preheated oven.












~ While baking your cinnamon rolls mix your red food coloring in with your icing. Add

until it’s your desired color.









~After baking let cool for 15 mins before adding the icing.









~When it’s all together you should get cute heart-shaped treats that everyone will enjoy.

As a fun extra you can add sprinkles!










Let me know in the comments how you enjoyed these treats!