Trust the process: Follow Graphics Editor Stephanie Arana on her hair-coloring journey

Stephanie Arana, Graphics Editor

Quarantine has had a lot of people so bored that they do things like re-decorate their room, start a new show and even just spend their whole day on tik tok. Today I chose to dye my hair red to relieve my boredom and try out something new and fresh.  

I highly recommend that if you ever want to dye your hair to always go to a professional for best results and the best hair care.

For this session, I went to Salt Hair in Wake Forest and had my hair done by stylist Amber Garcia.


This was my hair before with patchy blondes and browns.


My hairstylist, Amber Garcia, started with foiling the bottom layers of my hair to have more blonde to work with so the red color would pop out more.


After unfoiling my hair it was time for toner which is what would add color to my hair, here in this picture is the toner in my hair setting the blonde to red.


After 45 minutes with the toner in my hair it was time to rinse and shampoo and condition. While getting a scalp massage which was amazing!


Now it’s time for the best part, drying and styling!


Here is the final product, I chose to still keep some of my natural black hair within the red to give it more dimensions but I could not be happier with the results!