Jordi Koalitic inspired photo series

Ashley Masingale, Photography Editor

Photographer Jordi Koalitic has risen to TikTok fame with his creative photography behind-the-scenes videos. He boasts 10.5 million followers on his TikTok account @jordi.koalitic.

His photos tend to be staged and involve a lot of hands to get things in the perfect place. This was difficult for me as I only had myself and a model during the shoots I did. To make up for this, I tried to recreate Koalitic’s warm colors and editing style as much as I could. Below, I’ve inserted the before and after pictures I took.


All I did for most of the photos was bring up saturation, vibrance, clarity, and minor cropping. In many Koalitic photos, the model’s face is not the focus. In this photo, I used the model’s shoes as my focal point.




The sun was going down while I took this photo, so it was difficult to get the marbles as sharp as Koalitic would have. All I did for this one is enhance the saturation,

exposure, and some minor cropping.





This is definitely my favorite photo of the shoot. I used colored pencils as my prop, similar to Koalitic’s photo here. While editing, I brought up the exposure, saturation, and enhanced the model’s irises.