DIY crystal charm jewelry

Add a unique touch to any look with this do-it-yourself crystal necklace and earring set. You can make these accessories using a variety of crystal colors, sizes and cuts!


3 crystal beads


eye pins (long wire piece with loop)

jump rings

1 lobster clasp

dangle earring findings

wire cutting pliers

flat-nosed pliers

(make sure the chain and metal pieces match)

Making a charm

Step 1

Slide the crystal onto the eye pin.

Bend the end with the loop straight up.

Bend the other end over the top of the bead toward the loop.

Step 2

Wrap the loose end of the wire just under the loop of the eye pin.

Step 3: Earrings

Add dangle earring findings through the loop. Your earrings are complete!

Step 4: Necklace

Complete steps one and two to create a charm.

Add a large jump ring to the loop.

Step 5:

Cut chain to desired length.

Slide the charm onto the chain.

Add jump rings to one end of the chain and a lobster clasp to the other.

Style and enjoy!