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Trump Calls for Robert Mueller’s Firing

Adeola Owokoniran
Adeola Owokoniran, News Editor February 7, 2018

Trump Calls for Robert Mueller's Firing by Adeola Owokoniran

Raspberry Strawberry Mango

Kiara Mallory, Smoothie Operator February 7, 2018

New year, new trends

Whitney Gaudet, Features Editor February 1, 2018

The Howler Spotlight: Issue 03

The Howler Spotlight: Issue 03
Chase Cofield and Evan House February 1, 2018

Q: What was your New Year's resolution last year and how did it go? Daniel Saft:   "My New Year's resolution from last year was to get into college, but unfortunately I won't be hearing...

Adeola Owokoniran
Adeola Owokoniran, News Editor January 31, 2018

Are We Alone? by Adeola Owokoniran

Traditions for New Year’s all over the world

Isabela Mercer
Isabela Mercer, Staff Writer January 10, 2018

Every country all over the globe has their own way to celebrate the passing of another year and the start of a new period. Every country has their own traditions and cultures that are reflected in...

2017 fall fashion trends

Whitney Gaudet, News Editor January 9, 2018

[<a href="//" target="_blank">View the story "Fall Fashion Look Book" on Storify</a>]

Artist of the Month: Marina Williams

Artist of the Month: Marina Williams
Anaum Salman, Staff Writer December 15, 2017

About the Art: This piece was drawn for a still-life assignment at the beginning of the semester. Mrs. King set up an assortment of objects in the center of the room, and students had to pick an angle...

Kiwi, Mango, Watermelon Smoothie

Kiara Mallory and Jake Whitehead, Smoothie Chefs December 11, 2017

Howlercast Series 1: Slaves in Libya

Anthony Howard and Maxwell Bryn, Podcast Creators December 11, 2017

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