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Jacob Spivack, Physical Science Teacher

JACOB SPIVACK, Science Department 

Q:  What do you teach?

A:  I teach physical science. 

Q:  What made you decide to teach physical science?

I studied biology in college along with many other sciences, and while I was getting my certification in teaching, I was helping out in a physical science classroom. There weren’t any biology options for me at Wakefield, so I went with physical science instead. 

Q:  What does your typical workday look like?

A:  I usually get here at 6:55 in the morning, and teach during the first three periods. Then I usually stay until 3:30 or so after school. 

Q:  Tell me about your background.

A:  I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and for college, I went to Penn state where I got my bachelor’s in biology. I was also an English teacher in Japan for a year, teaching all ages of students.

Q:  What brought you to Wakefield?

 A:  I was teaching English in Japan, when I actually wanted to teach science. So, I went back to Philadelphia to get my teaching certification. Family, friends, a nice school district, and good weather brought me to Wakefield.

Q:  What do you like about Wakefield so far?

A:  I think the campus is really nice. All the schools I have taught at before have been in the city, with tall buildings and lots of floors. It’s also really nice that you have athletic fields and gyms around the same area. It’s nice to see all the resources, in terms of athletic fields and clubs around the school around the same place. 

Q:  What is your advice for students taking your classes?

A:  The easy advice is to make sure you’re paying attention, and listen. You just have to know what’s going on in class, and as long as you write a few important notes down you should be set.


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