Gabrielle Donaldson

Gabrielle Donaldson

High School at Wakefield has been nothing short of amazing for four years. Here’s the story.

I entered high school a little nervous about the change in academics, social ambiance, and athletic demands. I did not know what to expect but I had the faith to put my best foot forward, try my best, and be myself.

As I learned to navigate these changes, sophomore year was a bit easier. I’d made a few senior friends, and learned that people come and go. I began to realize that people come into your life to either be a blessing or a lesson and it is up to you to be thankful for both types of people. I also learned that if you maintain your focus, remain humble, and confidently put your best effort forward, the rewards are worth every ounce of hard work.

Junior year was arguably the toughest year for me. I’d taken fairly rigorous courses, underwent a coaching change, and learned the tough lesson that everyone does not have to be a close friend. I learned the value of having a small circle; you’d rather have four quarters than 100 pennies.

Senior year was a year of good harvest, building, and strengthening of relationships with my fellow classmates and community. You never realize how much your class and community mean to you until senior year, as you bond over many unforgettable moments. It starts out with your first senior meeting, Friday night football, spirit week, homecoming pep rally,  then senior breakfast, and before you know it it’s Senior Day. You find yourself linking arms with unfamiliar faces, all because of the unity you share in achieving the wonderful accomplishment of graduating.

I promise you, high school is four of the best years of your life. Don’t wish it away. Yes, at times it gets “boring” or tiresome. Yes, you wish you could be with the seniors as they have their farewell journey from Wakefield. I get it. But nothing worth waiting for is ever wasted. Enjoy your time in high school, make the best of where you are, visualize and be optimistic about the future, and have the courage, faith, and fortitude to celebrate your journey as it comes– both the ups and downs. Always be grateful for where you are and enjoy the moment. 

Thank you Wakefield for four amazing years and I wish you the best as you become to home to thousands of students to come. Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine.

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