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Senior, Anthony Howard.

Senior, Anthony Howard.

Anthony Howard

In the darkest corner of the room my imagination could remain idle, but it has been this year-long course that has allowed my brimming creativity to sprout and blossom exponentially. I understand the importance for particular word choices, and the influence writing can have on public opinion. It’s because of The Howler that I have found a voice hidden inside me, freely able to express my deepest concerns and appreciation for the world, its political values, and the plethora of famous figures that I can only dream of meeting in person.

For only two wonderful years, I have spent time on this publication not only growing as a writer but as a person. This journey amongst other talented and courageous journalists has been a transformative one filled with laughter and strenuous — yet motivating — deadlines. It has proven to take hold of my internal condition and revolutionize parts of myself to become a more mature, intellectual writer and human being. Never have I been a part of a classroom that evokes inspiration and capability before, and I am truly grateful for this experience.

I began in my junior year, a passionate, eager writer willing to grapple with controversial, political topics. My lengthy vocabulary evolved over the years, as I began to comprehend the impact that simple sentences could emit; my writing became a chewable piece of gum for my audience to consume. I was headstrong in my thinking that difficult and complex words equated to a meaningful story. However, I soon understood that a simple sentence could still be poignant and invigorate audiences.

Now, in the final days of being a high school writer, I have come from being the Social Media editor to the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Howler newspaper. These last words that I express on this page are the final traces of myself on this glorious website of student journalism. Expanding the limits to which my writing could go, The Howler has cultivated a second home, a second family, another outlet to be the writer, to be the person that stands formidable in his opinions and seek the truth in all circumstances. It is this ever-evolving high school newspaper that has truly made my high school experience one to remember.

In taking time to thank The Howler, I must also praise Mrs. Tekotte for the tremendous advisor she has been to me and my writing ability. She has continuously spoken her mind throughout these two years, and isn’t afraid to understand the personal connection that I have with certain stories that I write. As someone who values the importance of journalism, she saw that I enjoyed writing, and the beauty within words, and truly appreciated and elevated me to be the best writer that I could be. I am forever grateful for her mentorship and all the positive, and quirky statements she has made regarding my work. Who else would you talk with about what #popout means?

It’s time to wish farewell to my beloved Howler, and I’m not shedding tears, but only reflecting on the moments that I will cherish forever. This shouldn’t be a time of despair, but a time of personal growth, prosperity, and change.

For The Howler staff members to come, take these moments in and cherish the relationships that you build while on staff. These friendships will last a lifetime, and it’s only right that you take the impact of them with you. Grow as a writer, but most importantly, grow as a person first. Write until your pen runs out of ink. Write until your keyboard breaks and the ‘H’ doesn’t work anymore.

Love all,

Anthony Howard


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